The Hammer is Cocked

Now somebody, pull the trigger, put me out of my misery, I am dying here! Six weeks of rain. Six. Weeks. Of. Rain. I can't take it anymore, I am headed for the loony bin! I do not do well in gloomy weather. I do not do well being wet. I do not do well when the skies are constantly grey. I do not do well trapped in the house all day. I am not doing well.

I am thinking that it is actually more than six weeks. It must be. I am growing webs between my toes.

I have hunted for raincoats, none to be found. Umbrellas are a prized commodity, the black market is heating up. I have actually had to turn the heat on in the car to stop shivering after being soaked to the skin.

Nope, not doing well at all. Off to ring out my clothes, again.


My3Ro's said…
It could be worse. You could wake up to snow mama. Remember the sun will come out tomorrow. WHile I shiver in the snow this winter you will be warm and toasty on the beach.
Flash said…
They have heaters in the cars down there?

Sorry, I should feel sympathy, but I'm from Vancouver. Six weeks of rain here is somewhat normal, and the rainy season is also cold. And when it quits raining here, we don't get treated to a tropical paradise the rest of the year!
Heather said…
Closest to winter you will ever get? lol!

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