Five Years in Three Minutes Thirty

Ok, finally got it together, a brief slide show of my five years in Mexico. Well, selected photos, hard to choose from the thousands that I've got and keep it under four minutes! I wish I could have shared them all, but you probably would have been bored to tears. I can only imagine watching five years worth of Aunt Bertha's vacation pics. Thanks for watching if you get through it all, I promise, it's exactly 3 minutes 30 seconds and not one bit more. Enjoy!


Awesome, Awesome!! Love the one of you trying to hold your swimsuit bottom up while swimming with the dolphins, then again when Max was trying to pull it down!!
Anonymous said…
enjoyed your lovely pictures while eating my cold taquitos and looking out at our dreary western wa. weather. it's nice to see the sun even if only in pictures. the cold taquitos were leftovers from my birthday dinner on sat. going to be 54 on wed-how time does fly.

teresa in lake stevens
Anonymous said…
Great photos, and congrats on your 5 years in Mexico!!

Amy in MN
Anonymous said…
Great video!

Love the pics!

Ale said…
Awww tu pancita de embarazada!!! Y mira nada mas el muñeco que tienes por bebe! Ah hehe I got excited, it is a lovely slideshow! Congrats!!!!
Heather said…
Fantastic!!!! Congrats!

K.W. Michigan said…
LOVED LOVED it .. Congrats! could have been longer .. thanks for sharing.
CancunCanuck said…
Trixie- It's amazing how many shots of my a$$ there are, lol! Guess who is always holding the camera? :)

Teresa- Well happy birthday!! When I lived back in Canada it was pictures of beaches that kept me going through the winter, glad you enjoyed looking at mine.

Amy- Thank you ma'am! Time sure flies when you're hangin' on a beautiful beach.

Janie- Thanks lovely lady, nice to see you stopping by to say hi!

Ale- Hubby quiere ver una otra panzita embarazada, esta loco, jijijiji! Muñeco? Si, por unos meses, y luego, bam, monstruo travieso! :P

Heather- Gracias amiga!

K.W.- I know you love the beach pics, too bad it's been so rainy here, haven't had much for you lately! Glad you enjoyed the show.
minshap said…
what a great slide show! Be sure to do it periodically; and keep them saved and ready for the future to show Max and... maybe his future sib?
Fned said…
That was awesome!!! I recognized a few of your pics from previous A Cancun in Canuck posts which was funny because it made me think "hey I remember that!!"

CancunCanuck said…
Minshap- I have a few slide shows put together, definitely will share them with Max as he grows! I've got one that is just for Daddy, all the pics of him and baby over time, one for the grandparents, etc, etc.. Am I geeky or is it just the "new" mom photo album? :) And future sib? Hmmmmm, estamos pensando en eso.....

Fned- Cool, you've been on our little life journey WITH us! I tried to include some old ones with the new ones, just for a little surprise!

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