Cool Croc

Sunday morning we were looking for something cool to do and ended up taking a private road down near Petempich to see what we could see. Not much as it turned out, some new construction going up, the Snorkeling Adventure (on our to do list), lots of pot holes on the bumpy back roads and this lagoon.....

Now, look closely. See that log in the foreground? That ain't no log my friends, it's just your average, "friendly", Quintana Roo crocodile living free (for now) in his peaceful abode. Well, he was living free, but right behind us was a big new condo building going in, I sure hope this guy fights for his rightful spot in nature!

I wouldn't argue with him, if he really wants the lounger by the pool, it's all his! We chatted with him for a few minutes (from the safety of the car) and moved on by to leave him to his peaceful days, he might not have many more to enjoy with all the new buildings going up. Peace be with you young croc, live long and prosper, I sure hope you've got a spot in the environment!

(And this concludes today's STOP NEW CONSTRUCTION IN QUINTANA ROO message, was it too subtle? Off my soap box now.....)


Heather said…
You say what i think so many different times. I just took a back road yesterday to show my godson, my secret avoid traffic way to get around san diego rush hour traffic, only to find it full of traffic, tons of new condos, and even more construction vehicles. So sad, so so so sad. Different parts of the world yet the same problems.
Islagringo said…
I am so behind you on this post. If I had wanted to move to a high rise city, I would have.
Gary Denness said…
Poor crocs. I like them too you know, not just turtles! Even though I nearly got lunched on by one in San Blas a few years ago - but that's a long story!
toloKe said…
=D holaaa xD im from isla mujeres :P i find your twitter and im here but i miss your twitter :P
seeeyaaaa hahaa i dont speak engish so much :P
K.W. Michigan said…
Enough building .. I totally agree with you. I started going to Cancun 25 years ago .. WOW what a difference .. then and now!
jeanie said…
I am totally on the side of the croc on this. I'm sure though that this fella is on Wayne's list of reasons to NEVER GO IN THE WATER.
CancunCanuck said…
Heather- It is happening everywhere, I hope we can still find natural places to share with our children and our children's children!

IslaGringo- I knew you would be. I'm with you, if I wanted high rises, I'd go to Miami or Vegas or I would have stayed in T.O.. The amount of luxury buildings going up makes me kind of sick. What is needed is affordable housing for the people of Mexico, not beach front condos for more rich foreigners.

Gary- Ok, seriously, you almost got eaten by a croc? How exciting! And terrifying! I'm glad you are not "turtle-centric", so many reptiles and amphibians to love!

American Mommy- Thanks, I know it was subtle but I think I made my opinion clear. :)

toloke- Hola y bienvenida! Gracias por su comentario, voy a leer su blog hoy!

K.W.- It's so sad to see so much nature destroyed by useless luxury buildings!! There are so many vacant buildings here that it just doesn't make sense to keep building more!

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