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I'm baaaaack

Well, my L.A. trip was a little longer than expected but I am back in Cancun now. As I shared in my last post I was supposed to return on Monday, but on the weekend my family and I decided that two days just wasn't long enough. My boss was kind enough to find people to cover for me and Hubby was kind enough to continue to be Mr. Mom with Max. I was able to stay a couple of days longer and just got home last night. I checked the weather first, I swear if it had still been raining I wouldn't have gotten on the plane, but things seem to have cleared up and I haven't seen a drop of rain.

I had an unbelievable time. Definitely suffered some culture shock, self serve check outs at the grocery stores freaked me out for one thing. When did that start?? It had been so long since I had left Mexico that there were a lot of things that I had forgotten about. Clean streets with no potholes, drinking water out of a tap and thinking in dollars. I saw a sign in the grocery store …

Goin' Back to Cali

The time has come, I am off to California tomorrow morning for my brother's wedding. I am nervous and excited, excited about the wedding, nervous about leaving Mexico after so long. This is my first trip out of here in four years, I just know that I am going to be suffering some culture shock. My folks already have all the shopping planned out, here's hoping I don't have a major meltdown in Target with the huge selection of groovy stuff we can't get down here.

It's going to be a quick trip, too quick really. I leave tomorrow and come back on Monday. There will most likely be some tears this weekend, tears of joy (who doesn't cry at weddings!?) and tears of sadness when I leave. I am really looking forward to an adult weekend, this is the first time I will be away from Max for so long and I desperately need a "mommy break". Hopefully the house and my two boys will be intact on my return. I've got some lovely friends helping out with Max care…

The Hammer is Cocked

Now somebody, pull the trigger, put me out of my misery, I am dying here! Six weeks of rain. Six. Weeks. Of. Rain. I can't take it anymore, I am headed for the loony bin! I do not do well in gloomy weather. I do not do well being wet. I do not do well when the skies are constantly grey. I do not do well trapped in the house all day. I am not doing well.

I am thinking that it is actually more than six weeks. It must be. I am growing webs between my toes.

I have hunted for raincoats, none to be found. Umbrellas are a prized commodity, the black market is heating up. I have actually had to turn the heat on in the car to stop shivering after being soaked to the skin.

Nope, not doing well at all. Off to ring out my clothes, again.

Remembering Wilma

October 21, 2005, the fear, the anxiety, the knowledge that something big and bad was about to happen to Cancun was setting in. We had known for a few days that a hurricane was headed our way and we had been warned that it was going to be a big one. No one knew just how bad Miss Wilma was actually going to be.

On Thursday October 20 at 4:00 in the afternoon the government had turned off all the electricity in anticipation of the storm. Tourists had been evacuated to temporary shelters and the grocery stores were running out of supplies. We had stocked up as much as we could, mostly stuff for Max as he was only six months old, diapers, Gerber, etc.. With no electricity we had lost our contact with the outside world, no computer, no phone, just occasional text messages from a fellow Cancun resident who happened to be in Minnesota and was keeping us updated as to what was going on. We had a sleepless, though fairly peaceful night weather wise.

Friday October 21st we really started to…

Selvatica Zipline Adventure!

We were a lucky little family this week, Hubby got us some free passes to Selvatica, a jungle adventure place near Puerto Morelos that I have been wanting to check out for a long time. Max had been sick for a couple of days, but we decided to go ahead and play anyway, we had been trapped in the house for weeks with all the rain we've been having, we all needed to get out and get some fresh air. We half expected more rain while we were there but chose to go ahead and just get wet if that happened, what's a little mud going to hurt?

The tour included transportation so we set off to meet the van at 10:00 am at the hotel Oasis America. We headed off to the hotel zone to pick up some tourists and then we were off towards the jungle. While we were driving it started to rain and we all just crossed our fingers that it would pass before we got there! We drove down a dirt road filled with nasty pot holes and eventually found ourselves in a clearing with a big beautiful palapa. The…

Blog Action Day- Poverty in Mexico

Today is "Blog Action Day", a day when bloggers around the world are invited to use their blogs to discuss the issue of poverty. Poverty is not a new problem, nor is it isolated to selected countries in the world, it is a global crisis that can be resolved. If everyone did one little thing today to contribute to the life of someone less fortunate, then we can think about doing it tomorrow and the next day and eventually we can put a stop to the starvation of families around the world. Everyone must contribute, even in a small way like writing about the issue and raising awareness!

Poverty in Mexico is an epidemic. More than 44 million Mexicans live in poverty, with poverty being described as living on less than 1625 pesos per month ($128 USD by today's exchange rate). About 15 million live in what would be described as extreme poverty. These are people with nothing, no food, nothing to sustain them, no access to clean water, no sanitary living conditions, nothing. …

Cool Croc

Sunday morning we were looking for something cool to do and ended up taking a private road down near Petempich to see what we could see. Not much as it turned out, some new construction going up, the Snorkeling Adventure (on our to do list), lots of pot holes on the bumpy back roads and this lagoon.....

Now, look closely. See that log in the foreground? That ain't no log my friends, it's just your average, "friendly", Quintana Roo crocodile living free (for now) in his peaceful abode. Well, he was living free, but right behind us was a big new condo building going in, I sure hope this guy fights for his rightful spot in nature!

I wouldn't argue with him, if he really wants the lounger by the pool, it's all his! We chatted with him for a few minutes (from the safety of the car) and moved on by to leave him to his peaceful days, he might not have many more to enjoy with all the new buildings going up. Peace be with you young croc, live long and prosper, I s…

Five Years in Three Minutes Thirty

Ok, finally got it together, a brief slide show of my five years in Mexico. Well, selected photos, hard to choose from the thousands that I've got and keep it under four minutes! I wish I could have shared them all, but you probably would have been bored to tears. I can only imagine watching five years worth of Aunt Bertha's vacation pics. Thanks for watching if you get through it all, I promise, it's exactly 3 minutes 30 seconds and not one bit more. Enjoy!

Make video montages at

How to Disappoint a Three Year Old

We had one very sad little boy on our hands last night, and two disgruntled parents trying to make him feel better. We had gone down to Playa Marlin to participate in the sea turtle release program. We'd read that the event started at 4 o'clock on the beach and in typical Mexican fashion we went late, just before 5 o'clock. There didn't seem to be any events happening, but we saw an "official" looking guy and asked him what was up. He said he was just waiting for the turtles to arrive and we could just hang on. There were quite a few of us on the beach waiting, and waiting and waiting. Lots of families were coming down and speaking to "official" guy and he kept telling everyone to hold on.

We had prepped Max for what was coming, teeny tiny turtles who needed to be handled very delicately and helped back into the ocean. He was beyond excited, kept asking when he could help the turtles, where are the turtles, when could he see the turtles.

Around …

Five Year Mexicoversary!

Today it's official, I have been living in Mexico for five whole years. Five years of joy, pain, excitement, terror, confusion, bliss, harmony, stress, boredom, disharmony, peace, change and love. You know, just what all of you have felt in your life in the past five years, normal stuff, but in another language and in a foreign country.

In thinking about how to blog this, my brain jumped from sentimental sop to cheesy irreverence, purely photo post to no pics please, I just couldn't decide how to express all that has happened to me or all that I have learned in five years. And I still haven't, there's just too much to say, I don't think it's possible for one blog post to tell the whole story. I guess that's why we blog in the first place, to have multiple opportunities to plod through the morass of information and experiences we gather in our journeys of life.

So, I will leave it at this and keep it simple. I would not change a thing about the last five …

Mexican Citizenship Quiz: Part Dos

Living in Mexico with no plans to return to Canada, I do plan on applying for my Mexican citizenship. Technically, the rules state that you must have your FM2 for two years before being eligible to apply, so I've got some time to study for the citizenship exam. And thank the goddess I do, because the questions are getting tougher and tougher!

Back in May I posted the first set of "official" questions potential citizens would be asked in order to receive the blessing of the Secretary of Exterior Relations to become Mexican. A kind poster on CancunCare, my favourite Cancun forum, posted the latest set of questions which were just released last week. The website indicates that they are going to expire in April so it looks like they will be changing the questions every six months.

The questions are TOUGH. Tougher than the last set and the questions are certainly more obscure. I sat down with Hubby last night to look them over and he kept shaking his head. and saying "…

Que Rico los Tacos Rigos!

Living on a budget we rarely ever go out to eat, and when we do, we go some place relatively cheap, but definitely yummy. We've always got to take into consideration our rambunctious three year old too, so no "fancy schmancy" restaurants for us! On Sunday evening we decided to splurge, heck to the budget and went out for tacos. Tacos Rigos is "expensive" for us, but we went for it anyway, the tacos are always yummy and Max likes the decor. I had one bistec, one chuleta and one arrachera taco, Max had two bistec and Hubby had (are you ready for this?), one taco de ojo (EYEBALLS), one lengua (tongue), one suadero (I think it's like brisket) and one surtido (mixed). Ok, seriously, I cannot eat food that is looking at me but he insists it's delish! Hubby and Max split a fabulously fresh glass of mango juice and I had a chelada (beer and lime). The bill was 145 pesos (around $14 bucks), pretty good for all the food we had! Well worth the splurge not …

Kitty Update!

So there was a little mix up on Thursday and the kitties did not get their manhood removed until Saturday. The people at RAP were lovely, can't blame them for a little misunderstanding with all the animals they were taking care of last week! So, when we took them on Saturday afternoon, I was able to observe the surgery on poor little Ziggy! I LOVE biology and have no problem with blood or guts, though it was hard to look in his little eyes and watch him kicking while they were cutting. They had to give him a little extra "goofy juice" to calm him down and complete the surgery, but all went well. I had to ask to see their little testes afterwards (yeah, I'm a sick puppy but come on ladies, I think we've all wanted to see some balls removed, oops, did I cross a line?) Little kitty testes look like pinto beans, in case you were wondering. And no, I didn't take any pictures, though I wish I had.

I was supposed to go to a party on Saturday afternoon, but bec…

It's All About the Animals

Today has turned out to be all about our pets. Buzz and Ziggy have gone off to be neutered, thanks to the fine folks at RAP, a local animal rescue center that offers free sterilization clinics. Our lovely friend Rivergirl helps a lot with RAP and she helped us out big time by offering to take the kitties out to the clinic this morning. Our morning schedule just didn't allow us to get them out for the 7:00 am check in, so we owe her big time. So, I was up early and knocking on Rivergirl's door at 6:15 am with two quiet little kitties in a cage. I pick them up at 4 this afternoon to give them a whole lot of love and reassurance that they have not been abandoned to the wilds of Bonfil (area outside of Cancun). Rivergirl was concerned about both of them being in the same kennel, but they are joined at the hip, I think they would be more scared if they were apart. So, they are in close quarters but at least they've got each other!

Lola (our little mutt) on the other hand …

Catching Up

This is what we call a post without a focus, a general wrap up of the current life of the Canucka. Things have been moving along, a lot of my days have been focused on Max and preparing him for his exams. Yes, he is three years old and has exams! His first exam was in English on Monday, yesterday was mathematics and today is Spanish. He passed English with flying colours, now we'll see how he pulls off math and Spanish. We realized in studying that in some areas his English is stronger, in others it's Spanish, I guess that is to be expected. Some folks have responded negatively when I tell them he has exams, that it's too much for a little kid, but I think it's great. It's not a high pressure situation, it's just an evaluation of how well he is learning and it's done in a fun environment. Basically they are preparing him for the future and getting him into good work and study habits, I really appreciate that.

Sunday we went to a baby shower for a fri…