Olympic Pier Jumping

Silver Medalist Cancun Canuck with her
patented "Sportacus de Lazytown" split jump

More Isla Blanca pics mañana! (Click on the pic and see if you can get a look at my face, lol).


JoAnne in CT said…
DAY-UM, girl!!! That's some fancy gymnastics!! I'm jealous!
Anonymous said…
What I want to know ?? Did the splash HURT?? WOW girl..some split and expression even better.
KW from Michigan
Brice said…
Don't you normally make that face when you're legs are so open?

Cute though.
Anonymous said…
There are no words to tell you how much I adore that photograph. I am not even kidding.
Ruth said…
Dammit woman you are too f'n flexible LOL.
My3Ro's said…
Wow I wish I was that flexible. Yo go mama.
barry said…
Well .I sure stand Corrected, I didn't think it was possible to Out do Synchronized Swimming,, but there you Are.... Eat your Heart out Greg Louganis
islagringo said…
I bet that made a funny looking splash and drove water straight up to your nose when you landed!

(almost peed my pants reading Brice's comment!)
CancunCanuck said…
Joanne- I grew up as a dancer and gymnast, though I must admit I am as shocked as anyone that I can still do that! :)

KW- No splash, it was a perfect entry, toes pointed, arms up, legs together, lol! No seriously, it felt great, I did it over and over again!

Scott- Bless you, it's been a long time since anyone has called me a "minx". :)

Brice- That is one of many spread leg faces, lol! I don't think I usually look quite so traumatized though, HA!

Heather- I admit it, I heart this picture too too much. Number one, I can still do that. Number two, hubby managed to capture the perfect moment with the camera. Number three, I can still do that, LOL! I seriously look at that picture and say "37 years old my Aunt Fanny! I'm 18, I'm 18, I'm 18........" ;-)

Ruth- I was born with it, my parents put me in dance when I was 4 because I wouldn't stop doing the splits everywhere we went. They thought it more appropriate in a dance class than in Kmart. :)

My3ros- Work on it girl! I was born with bendy limbs, but a little stretching out goes a long way!

Barry- Teehee, you're too kind. Awwwww, Greg Louganis, there's my fantasy material for the day, thanks!

IslaGringo- It was a clean entry, I swear! And only a little water up the nose, haha. My sinuses were well cleansed with salt water yesterday, I jumped off that dock to many times to count and in so many variations, ooo-weee, some serious nasal clearing!
Heather said…
OMGosh, i love it! You crack me up girl!
Claudette said…
Hilarious! This is my first ever comment on your blog despite the fact that I have been a follower for months now.

I was just awestruck to see someone has mastered the sporticus jump, in my defense this isnt easy to do off the couch!

Thanks for the laughs and for sharing.
CancunCanuck said…
Heather- As always, glad to make you laugh! Thanks for all your comments (you go on whirlwind commenting sprees, don't you, lol!)

Claudette- Well thanks for jumping in finally, glad to have you here! And yes, the Sportacus jump is definitely harder off the couch, teehee, having something nice and soft like water makes it all that much easier. Hope to see you around comments more often now that you've come out of "lurkdom"!
LMAO!! Gotta love that face!! If only I could do something like that anymore!
Fned said…
That picture is AMAZING!!! You look positively great!!! The only "clavado" I can make is the "Tha Bomb!"

I agree... hubby took the perfect shot!

CancunCanuck said…
Momto3- I think the face is universal if you are about to get a noseful of salt water, lol! And hey, I was surprised that I could still do that, teehee, not bad for 37 years old, eh?

Fned- Thanks amiga, I think I need to go get it printed and framed, not only as a reminder that I am still moving and grooving, but because I think Hubby got a GREAT shot of the whole thing! And oh yes, we did a few "bombs" too, heehee, too fun!

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