Marcha Contra La Inseguridad

Saturday August 30th at 6:00 pm, cities across Mexico will be joining together in the "Marcha Contra La Inseguridad" (March Against Insecurity), alternatively titled "Illuminemos Mexico": (Illuminate Mexico). With crime and violence rising dramatically across the country, it's vital that the citizens of Mexico unite and show the government that the people demand something be done to make their homes and businesses safer. This week the local news released a report that Quintana Roo is now one of the most dangerous states in all of Mexico, it's time to take a stand against crime and use the power of the citizen to make changes.

The people of Cancun are asked to meet at 6:00 pm in the lot near Teatro Forito, at the corner of Chichen Itza and Bonampak. Everyone is to wear white and bring a candle or flashlight. The march will be conducted in silence. People are asked to refrain from bringing banners or signs and to keep this a non-partisan event (i.e., no signs for or against any of the political parties or politicians). The march will end at 8:30 at the Plaza de la Reforma.

Please, if you are living in Mexico, make an effort to get out and support your fellow citizens. Check your local papers for locations and details, let's unite against crime and make our beloved Mexico a safer place for our children!


Gary Denness said…
I hope it goes well for you down there in sunny Cancun.

One thing I've read that I found interesting is a bit of an inverted Big Brother....the number of people having chips implanted, voluntarily, in case they are kidnapped. It was always meant to happen as a complusory government project, I'm sure...
I read about the crime in the Por Esto. I sure hope the people unite for this event. It's so sad to see the crime, mostly from drugs, taking over the area!!
Anonymous said…
I hope all the people unite and save our beloved Cancun and all of Mexico. I don't like hearing that QRoo is one of the most dangerous states. I'll be praying Aug. 30 at 6 pm with all of you.
KW from Michigan
it is impressive to see you so invloved

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