Isla Blanca Pics

We had a seriously fabulous day at the beach yesterday. Isla Blanca was dreamy! Excellent weather, no crowds and repeated crazy jumps off the pier made it a perfect day. Max is always on his best behaviour at the beach too, I wish I could take him everyday! If another little kid arrives at the beach, Max picks up his toys, heads over and says "Hola, quieres jugar conmigo?" ("Hi, want to play with me?) and hands over the shovels and buckets. Whatta kid! It's hard to say which beach we like more right now, both Puerto Morelos and Isla Blanca have a lot of great things going for them, we're so fortunate to live in this area (and so fortunate to have a car to explore and get to these little places!)

Here's some photos from yesterday's adventure....

Argh, beware all ye who enter Captain Morgan's Retreat

Hubby calls this the "Baywatch" shot

Max pondering the universe
(Ok, he was looking at a boat, almost the same right?)

Sittin' on the dock with my boy

Lessons in fishies from papa

Ok, look closely, see the greenish thing on top of the brownish stuff?
It's a really groovy blue-ish crab!

Can anyone tell me what those funky green things are?

Hey, what, more than one pic of me?
(Thanks for picking up the camera for a change Papi!)

Max's Christmas wish list Item #347, Jet Ski, PWEASE Mami!

A lovely birdie
(Anyone know what it is? I'm no ornithologist!)

"I'll jump backwards this time and you get a picture"
I guess we all make silly faces as we are about to get water up the nose

I would post this picture everyday if I could. So, here it is again!
Proof that there is life left in this old bird!

And out of habit I took a quick 360 video of the beach....


Anonymous said…
What a great looking beach. Compared to the one beach I have been to in PM it looks nicer. The beach behind the hotel we stayed in was full of sea grass and had a ton of seaweed washed up on the shore.
Max looks so precious on the jet ski. In your dreams buddy! Not until you are thirty. Right Mom?

If I were you I would post that pier jumping photo everyday as well.
Anonymous said…
Ok, you've had a kid, you're older than me, and you look that freaking amazing in a bathing suit.

We can no longer be friends, sorry. Was nice knowing you, though.
Anonymous said…
I agree .. you are VERY fortunate to live in Cancun. And to have a lovely family. Max keeps getting more handsome. I'll need to check out Isla Blanca on my next trip to Cancun. Thanks for the beach pics and the video. I hear the waves and wish I were there.
KW from Michigan
barry said…
What a nice Weekend,, the green funky thing is a Lichen , and with your permission will buy Max a big ice cream as payback when I see you all ,, I plan to borrow his "greeting " when I go Bar Hopping.
barry said…
dahhhh.. .I mean "LIMPET "..
barry said…
and the bird is a Cormorant , they dive for fish and take that pose to dry their feathers
I think I just pulled a groin muscle looking at your Pier jumping picture!! Now I will go and do my exercise. Remind me not to lay next to you on the beach!!LOL
Seriously, what great family are "one hot mama" as my hubby would say!
islagringo said…
The sitting on the pier with Max pic is just too cute! Frameable for sure! And aren't we getting good with our camera! Artsy fartsy shots and all! Loved the bird picture...a lot!

Oh, and that thing stuck to the pier is another blood sucking thingee. They attach themselves to you and do not let go until they have doubled their size with your blood. And they emit a signal while feeding that summons all thier cousins in the area to come attach to you too. Then you get sucked dry and drown because you are too weak to get back to shore. But then, everything in the ocean is there to GET YOU and that's whay I don't go in the water. The End.
Anonymous said…
I agree with you Wayne .. I walk the beach and get my feets wet. Those creatures scare me.
KW from Michigan
JoAnne in CT said…
I'm with Trixie - you are in AMAZING shape!! I gotta hit the treadmill just a wee bit more often.

Looks like you all had a fun day at the beach - Max is just adorable.

Barry beat me to it on the Limpet answer - I have a keychain made from one. He also beat me with the Cormorant answer - there are tons of them over on Isla Contoy - not quite as many as the frigates, but lots of them.
CancunCanuck said…
Jackie- Isla Blanca is a lovely beach, there was sea grass (you can see it behind us in the pics), but that never bothers me. Isla Blanca is the opposite direction to Puerto Morelos, it's past Puerto Juarez, across from Isla Mujeres. No hotels, no buildings really, still kind of "pure".

Heather- I have enjoyed our friendship so much that I am going to eat Pinguinos, Doritos and cochinita in huge amounts for the next few weeks in order to win back your love. Please don't leave me baby, I can change, I know I can change!

KW- Thanks amiga! I really love Isla Blanca and for a hideaway I totally recommend it. Glad you enjoyed!

Barry- Thanks for the info, oh wise one! And I think lots of people can learn some great pick up moves (er, making friends moves) from Max and I am sure he will negotiate his ice cream price with you.

Trixie- Why thank you maam, "hot mama" are words I'd like to hear everyday, LOL!

IslaGringo- Ok, your comment made me pee my pants, TOO FUNNY, thanks amigo!

KW- Not much scares me in the ocean, oddly it's the inanimate things not the living that give me the willies. Like piers, I get a freaky about going under piers, but not because of what's living there!

Joanne- Thanks, I'll loan you Max, he's the best exercise program out there! And I'll give you second prize on the "who knows the mystery creatures" game show today. :)
JoAnne in CT said…
LOL Kelly - I'll take Max and those kitties any day!! On loan, that is....

I'd love to make a beach date with you guys for our upcoming Isla visit. Maybe Max can excersize me enough to lose weight instead of gaining on this vacation!!
JoAnne in CT said…
Hey, both Barry and I stand corrected! I knew I had my shell book marked for the "Limpet". It's actually class "Polyplacophora", Order "Neoloricata" - there's about 1,000 species of this critter! One of which is wood lice, which would explain why it's attached to the pier piling.

Wayne, you've obviously been told an old wive's tale - they're vegetarian, occasionally feasting on small invertebrates. Oh I feel like such a nerd now!!!
barry said…
thats super Joanne..thats makes good sense. they sure look alike but I haven't ever seen Limpets hanging out on other than Rocks either.You get the prize ..its a Margarita/Dance till you Drop Party,, at you-know-whose house ..SURPRISE!!!
looks like a really fun day ...
rob said…
The bird is a cormorant as someone already said. in china they train them to fish for their "owners" fishermen can be seen with poles over their shoulders with a line of cormorants sitting on them, going off to fish! :o))
Anonymous said…
Your 360 degree shots make me jealous.......

Wish I was at the beach...

Gonzo Tom
Heather said…
Im loving the huts, it gives it such a "beach" look. Granted the white sand and and clear water help but i am loving the huts! Glad to see you in pics too. As for my comments, I used to come once a day, now its more like once a week, hence the comment sprees!
Ale said…
what a lovely family day!! the beach looks amazing and oh let me tell you I really have to, you look so fit!! omg now I HAVE to stop being a lazy butt and start exercising!! You do look fantastic amiga!!!

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