Happy Birthday LisaLoca!

My good friend, cool cool cool club member, blogger extraordinaire and overall really nice person LisaLoca is celebrating her birthday today! Please join me in wishing her a fabulously super day, she is truly one of the best people I know and I am glad to call her my friend.

And for that, she gets a super duper tacky Feliz Cumpleaños video! (Really, this is a horrible video, like a train wreck but oh so fun!) The sentiment is real though, I promise!

Happy birthday, Feliz Cumpleaños amiga!


lisaloveloca said…
OMG!!! Attack of the TACK!! I love it!! That is pretty awesome! I would have danced around the office but I ate too much cake and am nervous about the barf factor! LOL!

I love the awesome tacky overload from you and you amazing little family! Me siento bien consentida hoy!

Carmen likes the prezzy too! And thanks Max for the Spiderman sentiment- it's the thought that counts!
heatherinparadise said…
Happy birthday, LISA!!
JoAnne in CT said…
Although I don't know Lisa, everyone deserves to celebrate the day they entered the planet. Happy Birthday, Lisa!
Tom and Debi said…
feliz cumpeaños Lisa

Anonymous said…
Happy birthday Lisa from one of your blog readers.

Kelly, great video! Isn't it amazing that there seems to be a video on YouTube for every occasion kind of like the cards at Hallmark.
Anonymous said…
Feliz Cumpleanos Lisa ..
KW from Michigan
lisaloveloca said…
Thank you to all of you that sent me Birthday LUV!! WOW! I am truly touched thanks fer reallys!!

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