Still Stormy in Cancun, Dolly Moves North

Tropical Storm Dolly has passed Cancun but we are still experiencing heavy rains and thunderstorms. It seems to be worse than when TS Dolly was here. It's raining hard enough that I almost can't see across the street and we are experiencing quite a bit of lightning.

It rained off and on all day but right now it's pretty heavy. I drove through streets with water well up over the tire rims, when cars got out of the "puddles" you could see big puffs coming out of the exhaust pipes. I thought the Tracker was going to stall at one point, I was wondering if my feet were getting wet the water was so deep. I did see some city trucks out cleaning the drains which was encouraging, first time for everything I guess.

Tropical Storm Dolly continues to move over the Gulf of Mexico towards the northeastern coast states of Mexico and Texas. She seems to be gathering some strength as she moves over the warm waters and outer bands are starting to form. There are hurricane and tropical storm warnings for the areas in the path of this storm. She is still not a hurricane, but the warnings and watches are in anticipation of a worsening storm in the next 36 hours.


harvestmoon said…
It was the same here, some 80km south of you. I unpacked the palapa yesterday morning and everything was SOAKED before noon and stayed that way. Last night was WICKED with driving rain and wind. At least I hadn't unpacked the books. :)
CancunCanuck said…
Sorry to hear you've got some wet stuff, glad the books are ok and everyone is dry today. Have fun reassembling! We're back to our regularly scheduled sunshine today, phew!
Spanky said…
Hey Cancuncanuck! We're just some tourists coming down from the states from the 24th to 31st. looks like we missed your big storm by a few days (Luckily). How's the weather now?
imnuttynetty said…
Hi there CancunCanuk,
was reading ur bio and im glad u found love in Mexico. A few friends are going to Cancun in three weeks aug 9th thru 17th how do u think the weather will be. Do they see anymore hurricanes going ur way. what havwe u heard after this hurricane??? thanks c u soon!
CancunCanuck said…
Spanky- The weather now is lovely, clear skies and getting hot! Enjoy your vacation. :)

imnuttynetty- Thanks for stopping by. Three weeks is too far to know anything, generally with storms we have a couple of days notice at best. You can follow the National Hurricane Center website (I've got the Atlantic report on my reader which is what you want to see), they are the most accurate and reliable when it comes to predicting storms in advance. My fingers are crossed that you have a great trip!
Anonymous said…
Hi, CancunCanuck<

Girlfriends and I are coming this Sunday August 31st. What's it like right now? We're extremely concerned about Gustav. We're hoping it's far enough off the coast that it won't hit Cancun or just pass it before Sunday afternoon. Any comments will help. Thanks.
CancunCanuck said…
Hi anon,
I'm not a weatherman, but I would say that by Sunday things should be ok around here. Right now it's hot and sunny (or it was before I entered my cavern at work). I suspect we'll see rain from Gustav tomorrow and possibly Sunday, but it looks like he will stick closer to Cuba then move north. I can't make any promises, but I think you'll be ok for next week. There are a couple of other storms brewing, but nothing definitive or too close. Have a great trip!
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot for the reassurance!!

We're psyched up for the trip hate to have it ruined by a storm!

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