Moments of Zen in Mexico

I've recently discovered a blog that has me fascinated. The writer of "Tales from Zapata Street" lives in Michoacan and shares his daily insights about life on his ranchito with "La Señora Guapa". His words and pictures are poetry, his calm and peaceful look at life make me sigh with pleasure. I've only just begun perusing his older posts, it's like a moment of Zen when I am able to sit down and read his lyrical musings. I am just starting to immerse myself in the photos of his beautiful ranchito and the surroundings filled with flowers, plants and wildlife. If you are looking for a positive slice of life blog from Mexico with a poetic flair, I highly recommend immersing yourself in "Tales from Zapata Street", it's a soul-pleasing read. Be sure to see his photo site as well, some lovely pictures to behold!


I was looking at Ranchito's pictures, and OMG!!! Im drooling here!!! Love it!!!
harvestmoon said…
Isn't he just so ZEN? That is the PERFECT way to describe him! I found him earlier this year and while I haven't read in a while, I devoured his site for months. And the love for La Senora is palpable.

How you feeling? Did you get Dolly today (instead of yesterday)? She started about 24 hours late down here. :)
Anonymous said…
I just love that site.
Anonymous said…
Great new site to visit. That house OMG .. beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Glad all is well in Cancun without Dolly.
KW from Michigan
Beth said…
Thanks for the link! He's got some AMAZING pictures, and his casa!!!! Gorgeous!!!!
Paul said…
I agree. I check his blog nearly every day. Michael beautifully describes his experience of life in Mexico. It is applicable wherever you may live in this wonderful country.
CancunCanuck said…
Momto3- Aren't they gorgeous? The ranch is just lovely, what a peaceful and joyful place.

Harvest- Ahh, he is perfect for relaxing. I'm doing ok, hanging in. We got the worst of the rain on Monday, after Dolly fled. Back to normal now, how about your gang?

Heather- Ooommmmmmmmm. Peace and love baby.

KW- Glad you liked the site, I think a lot of people will find something really poignant there.

Beth- Enjoy, he's a beautiful writer and yes, he lives in a fabulous place.

Paul- Hi and thanks for stopping in. I'm enjoying reading your blog as well, economics was my worst subject, lol, so it's nice to see you put things in a very simple way. I am very happy to have discovered both yourself and Zapata Street, great new reading!
Ale said…
I have been reading his blog for a couple of years now I found his blog because he lives so close to my hometown!! (isn't it a lovely area?? hehe) He has a way with words :)
CancunCanuck said…
Ale- It looks like a beautiful area, how lucky to be from there! He has a fantastic way with words, I'm glad to have stumbled on his site. Hope all is well with your chiquito precioso!

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