Garden Buddy

Yesterday I discovered a huge, sprawling spider web in the garden and this lovely little guy getting his chow on. He is definitely an expert web designer (hardy har), he had bugs aplenty lined up for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I tried to get some pics without getting too close, the first one shows you his wicked cool colours, the second gives you a general idea of how big he is. Click on the pics to enlarge them, he's a real beauty (and this coming from someone who is usually screaming like a little girl when she sees a spider).

Any spider lovers want to tell me what he is? Or do I want to know? If you are going to tell me that he is a jumping, spitting, biting spider that can cause instant death, you better tell me fast before I stupidly try to take any more close-ups!


JJ said…
I can't believe I clicked on them. Like I needed a closer look. Great now there's something crawling on my neck.

I need to go take a shower now.


Anonymous said…
#1. Spiders. You posted pictures of spiders. Don't get me wrong, because I just LOOOOVE me some spiders.
#2. Poor me, I am so tired, I have no energy, I can only post two blogs on the same day so I move up on Nancy in Mazatlan's crazy ass blog list that keeps track of who last posted and make all other Latin Amurrican bloggers feel lazy and inadequate by comparison...waaah...I am Superwoman!
#3. I am kidding you. You know that I love you and if you weren't around I do not know what my day would be like. How did I survive before I became cool enough to know who you are?
Two things I dislike...spiders and snakes, reminds me of an old song.
Ale said…
heheh jj I do agree.. ack!
barry said…
Hi Kelly ,I am not a Arachnid pro but I think your new Garden Insect manager is an Orb Weaver Spider..They build beautiful elaborate radial webs and are all generally very Colorful and although all spiders can bite,this one is a nice addition to a garden. Enjoy.
lisaloveloca said…
He's a pretty one alright, but I like him better in the garden than in the house...
CancunCanuck said…
JJ- It's like a car accident, we don't want to look but we just can't resist! Sorry for the creepy crawlies, but even from me, the serious arachnophobe, I think he's kind of pretty!

Heather- LOL. I really am terrified of spiders, if it was in the house I would have freaked, but he looked all purty on his huge web! And the second blog post was a way to keep myself from crawling into bed. Though yes, I thought to myself, "How can I make everyone else look bad?", but only for a minute, teehee. It was really to fight the lazies I've been having! And girl, love right back atcha, you need to come join Lisa and I for a cool cool cool club meeting. (And I'll bet you survived just fine before knowing me, you're the coolest of the cool).

Joanne- Eeeeeeeeek! LOL. I know, creepy, but irresistible.

Trixie- I know that old song quite well, my dad used to sing it to us when we were kids! Snakes don't really bother me, spiders usually do, but this guy was so unique and beautiful that I couldn't resist. Now give me a big black ugly one and fuggedaboudit!

Ale- Jijiji! Ack indeed. I truly think that becoming a mother and dealing with all the bodily fluids of the first year built up my "guacala" tolerance, HA!

Barry- I've been cruising around the net looking for this guy and I think you are right, just an ordinary orb weaver of the garden. I really want to leave him alone to do his thing (we've got plenty of mosquitoes for him!), but he's now building his nest across our stairs and entrance way, I may have to try to "remodel" just a bit so we can actually get into the house. :)

Lisa- OH heck yes, he does not have an invitation to our meeting! Outdoors is just fine, just fine.
Fned said…
HELLO??? A little warning would be nice for the pee-in-your-pants-scared-to-a-paralyzed-state-of-spiders like yours truly....

How about writing in the title: WARNING!!!!! PICTURES OF BIG NASTY SCARY SOB SPIDER IN THIS POST!!!!!

Fned *gasping for breath*
Tom and Debi said…
I think it looks like an Orchard Spider.
check out this link for LOTS OF SPIDER PICTURES!!!!!

My3Ro's said…
OM do not check that link. I feel like yuck now. Spider warning for the future, lol.
CancunCanuck said…
Fned- Oooops, I guess "Garden Buddy" may have been a less than descriptive title for the post, lol! Sorry sorry disculpe, perdoname!" :)

Tom and Debi- I think you got it, that's so great thanks!! Nice to read that they are not harmful to humans, phew!

My3ros- I don't know why I'm suddenly ok looking at spider pics, therapy works I guess! LOL

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