A Wet Commute

This morning around 6 am we had a little rain. Really, just a little, normal, 10 minute summer rain in Cancun. From experience, I knew that even just a little sprinkle would cause havoc on the streets, so I took off a little early and drove with camera in hand. Yeah, yeah, I know, but it's not a cel phone and I wasn't putting on lipstick! Is it illegal to drive and take photographs? Well, maybe not illegal, but not exactly easy either. My five minute drive took me 15, here's some pics that will explain why....

So, if that is what a little rain does, can you imagine Cancun after a tropical storm? This city is so young and just oh so wrong in terms of urban planning. The new president of Cancun has made a whole lot of promises about the streets, let's see if he can actually make some changes before we need to take a kayak to work.


wayne said…
I love it in Cancun when it rains like that. We tease the taxi drivers that they should get a boat! We had a bit of rain here about the same time. By the time I jumped out of bed to shut windows, it was over. Typical.
Gary Denness said…
Does the flooding you get their bring the sewers to the surface? We get that here in DF where I live sometimes. Never pleasant. What really makes me laugh though, is now we're in rainy season and getting daily deluges, the water system gets turned off even more than normal because of shortages...
The ayuntamento cleaned out the drain on our corner after the first rain, so it's draining fairly well. The worst for us is when the water goes over the sidewalk, then every time a bus passes it causes a wave and the water goes over the pretil (stoop)and into the house. The drains here in Merida are really what I would call dry wells rather than sewer drains since they aren't connected to anything so once they fill up, that's it until the water filters down through the ground.
All in all,I like the rain.
CancunCanuck said…
Wayne- I am thinking about getting an amphibious vehicle, lol. Maybe like this.... http://www.terrawind.com/. Then I wouldn't need a ferry either!

Gary- Yes, it gets a bit stinky around here too. And heck yes, why do we run out of water when it's pouring down rain??

Theresa- Wow, glad to hear that somewhere the drains got cleared! How horrid that it comes up into your house when it's bad, I would be so concerned about disease! Glad you like the rain, I don't mind it once in a while but too much is TOO MUCH. :)
harvestmoon said…
I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but you should see Campeche or Saltillo or Zacatecas or any number of cities in the summer. The flooding is amazing. I'm not sure anything could keep up with the short and thunderous downpours we get here.
harvestmoon said…
OH, and down here it rained All Day Long yesterday and today we're getting big booms of thunder and intermittant showers. Sigh. I hate the farking mozzies the rain brings but I love the rain.
Anonymous said…
A kayak to work, now that would be fun!
Heather said…
Kayaking to work doesnt sound like such a bad idea!


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