Since the weekend weather was a wash, we took the opportunity to "de-monsterize" the house. We had to convince Max that all the monsters he was imagining were gone and not coming back. The last few weeks he's been telling us that he is too scared to go downstairs, that the monsters were going to eat him. Unfortunately (and predictably), downstairs is where his bedroom and bathroom are so this is posing a problem.

Yesterday we took out all his toys and sorted them, getting rid of anything broken or babyish and made some extra space. I cleaned out his whole room and swept out the "monsters" with the broom. I put up a Toy Story window dressing my brother had made, put up some posters of McQueen from "Cars" and positioned key toys at all the monster entry points to act as security guards. What monster in his right mind would try to take on Buzz Lightyear? A string of small blue Christmas lights now adorn a top shelf and have become his space ship security force. Glow in the dark sticky stars grace the ceiling over his bed and the stereo is sporting a new CD with calming bedtime sounds.
Occasional shots of aerosol air freshener have blasted any remaining airborne monsters.

He almost made it through the whole night without calling out. Today he actually went down to the bathroom by himself, but he had to ask me first if I was SURE the monsters were gone. Yes, I am sure. Whether he's totally convinced or not, at least the room is a little neater and I got to have a little witchy fun kicking big bad boogeymen butt.

So, are you afraid of the dark?


Adrians Mama said…
How cute! Demonsterizing! Luckily we arent at that stage yet!
LOL.... too funny!!!! Gaby used to use the air freshener to kill the monster until she realized what it was. Now, we have a Spray Bottle with water and a few drops of food color.

You just remind me that I need to buy a new one, and I will be doing that soon!! :)
JJ said…
I am totally afraid of the dark. I can't fall asleep unless the TV is on its sleep timer, and I don't like getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I try to act all tough, but I ain't. :)
Anonymous said…
Beth said…
Love it!!! Hope little Max is feeling safer now that Super-Mom cleared out the riff-raff for him!
RiverGirl said…
Good creative parenting there!
CancunCanuck said…
Adrian's Mama- Hi chica, glad to hear Adrian is still secure in his monster free world. :)

Momto3- I like the spray bottle idea, if I could trust Max to not soak his whole room on the first night, teehee.

JJ- I getcha. I'm not totally afraid of the dark, but I do prefer just a little light from somewhere at night. As a kid I always had a night light, absolute pitch black darkness still creeps me out. And I know, you are just a big softie despite your tough exterior, those guard cats gave you away.

Erica- OMG, that video was great, I'm still laughing! Nice to see you here, thanks for stopping in!

Beth- "SuperMom", I like that, LOL! I think I will have to make a daily ritual, he woke up last night with monsters again, heavy sigh....

Rivergirl- Gotta be creative, I'm just making it up as I go along, I guess the hospital forgot to give me the instruction manual, haha.
Ale said…
I agree, creative parenting, and ohmy how cute!!!! Something to keep in mind when my nene grows up.
Thanks for sharing great ideas!!!
CancunCanuck said…
Ale- I sure hope it's a long time (or never!) before your nene sees monsters in his closet. You learn pretty quickly that being a parent is almost all about creativity, there is no manual and most of it just improvise our way through the best way we know how. I'm betting you are a TERRIFIC mama!
Heather said…
Great idea! I saw you on myspace that said chasing monsters and didnt understand it till now, lol! I want to see pixs of this "new" room. I am getting ready to do the kids new ny room and need ideas.
lisaloveloca said…
When I was little I would stay over night with the neighbor kids and their mom used to "spray for monsters" when she tucked us in to sleep.
I was too old to buy the monster crap and I KNEW it was bubble gum scented air freshener, but I always thought she was so incredibly cool for clearing the monsters anyway- even when I was 16 and hated everything I still thought she was cool for doing that!
Look how cool you are now too!

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