Arthur a No Show

TS Arthur stayed south and west, not even coming close to Cancun. I know they got some good rain and winds further south, but Arthur was really a bit of an old fuddy duddy and kind of stumbled his way across the southern end of Quintana Roo and over into Campeche. Jonna has some pretty pictures from Akumal of the ocean waves and pretty pink skies and Wayne has some lovely ones from Isla Mujeres, I love how something with the potential to do so much damage always brings beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Cancun is cloudy and a little bit rainy right now, but it doesn't look like it rained last night, so the first named storm of the season decided to give us an easy pass. Alright Bertha, we're ready for you.


We have had a couple of cloudy rainy days but nothing really substancial. The surf is up and it is a bit blowy on the beach. I love the good hard tropical rain storms. It has been so damn dry for months, we really needed this.
Adrians Mama said…
Hey Kelly just wanted to say hi!!! Hope things are good and little Max is staying out of trouble(LOL)...have a good day!!
JoAnne in CT said…
Glad you're all ok!!!
Beth said…
So Arthur was a dud, eh? You're not missing anything weather-wise here. It was a balmy 15 degrees today. Where the heck is summer????
Anonymous said…
Glad all is well in Cancun. Keep us posted during the hurricane season. Love Wayne's pics. We are finally getting some warm weather this week. Hum, could it be Arthur coming to visit?
KW from Michigan
Fned said…
Close one! Glad the Wind God was on ya side!

Btw, I just read that Prince William will be working in the Natural Disasters Relief teams in the UK Naval forces that will be stationed in the Caribbean coasts this summer.... hmmmmm.... maybe getting hit by a Huracaine is not such a bad thing after all....

J/K (me and my warped, celebrity gossip obsessed sense of humor).

CancunCanuck said…
Hi all, thanks for the comments. We're a bit rainy today, but it will be gone in no time.

Now onto the next one, lol!

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