Vermox is NOT My Friend

Sooo, regular readers will remember this post from a few weeks back, discussing the wonders of modern medicine and the twice yearly "flush" of the system. Well, apparently, it didn't work, you readers might be "regular", but I most definitely am not. I am full to the brim with amoebas! Two different kinds according to the lab results. I have been getting sicker and sicker over the last couple of weeks so finally bit the bullet and went to the lab and the doctor. I won't fill you in on the nasty details of what's been happening, I'll leave that to your imagination if you really want to think about it. The lovely little critters having a party in my bowels include the famous e. histolytica and his lesser known friend, e. nana. E. nana is pretty harmless, just hanging out with his bully buddy e. histolytica which causes amoebic dysentery and pain and suffering and death around the world. I'm not going to die, though I sure don't feel "up to snuff". I'm starting a round of medicines, two for the different amoebas and one for the pain that the medicine can cause. Great, can't wait for more stomach pain! This is not the first time I have had amoebas here and probably won't be the last, let's just hope the meds kick in fast and I can get back to a "solid" life.


Jonna said…
Ouch! sorry about the bug infesation. I'm glad you are getting treated for it though.

I just want one little question answered. I've not got any symptoms but I keep having this nagging thought that I should get tested anyway. So, do you just find a suitable container and use that? I know where the lab is in Playa. Do I wait for the results and then find a doctor to take them to? OK, that's more than one question. Sorry.
CancunCanuck said…
LOL. More than one question will be tolerated today. I stopped by the lab to get a suitable container, I worry about my tupperware being contaminated, lol. I took it to the lab before seeing a doctor, ask for a COPRO, (short for coproparasitoscopica) which will test for parasites and amoebas. We dropped it off at 7:30 this morning and picked it up at 5. We then headed to the doctor with test in hand. And if you have an inkling that something isn't sitting right, might as well get checked out before things get nasty. The test was 75 pesos BTW.
wayne said…
Interesting but icky stuff. Thank God you are not too timid to blog about it. The rest of us can be on the look out now should similar symptoms occur. Thanks Canuck!
Anonymous said…
Wow... I'm sorry you having a hard time with these bugs! Good thing you went to the doctor. I'm wishing you a fast and speedy recovery!

Anonymous said…
ok i can't beat the nasty symptoms you are experiencing but i did get sea lice one visit. after swimming in a lagoon which will remain nameless i woke up at 3 am with huge HUGE welts all over my body. after a trip to the american doctor "doctor mike" and two large shots the welts started to go down. that's right people, jellyfish larva living in my skin for 7 days lol. sigh, it was quite a trip. i hope the meds kick in soon and you feel relief. take care. -trina in idaho
barry said…
Sorry to hear about your AH-BEE-BOZ aka Malade' de CaCa...wish you a speedy recovery. What do they prescribe down there for it . Get Well SOON.
Anonymous said…
I too can feel your pain. I just had a horrible bout with my diverticulitis and it won. Blew a hole in my colon and into surgery I went. They cut out the bad, hooked me up to the ol' colostomy bag to let the rest heal and another surgery in a few weeks to put it all back together. Wish I could be at Playa Langosta for my recovery.

Good luck with your recovery!!

Tom (Gonzo)
Anonymous said…
I'm fascinated, in a disgusting way. This is an aspect of tropical living that I've never considered. Where does one pick up these vermin? From the food? Water? Is it something that *everyone* gets, or does it just strike certain people (like, with weaker immune systems or something)? Inquiring minds want to know. Good luck beating them bugs, by the way!
CancunCanuck said…
Wayne- "Timid" is a word that has never been used to describe me, lol. I put it out there, warts and all, errrrr, amoebas and all. It is good to watch out for it, amoebas can penetrate the wall of the intestine and move into the liver and cause a fatal illness if not treated.

Liz- Thanks for the well wishes, hopefully the meds will kick the critters out soon!

Trina- Ugh, sea lice is YUCKY. Sadly, the best treatment is to wash yourself off with urine or vinegar immediately after swimming in water with sea lice. Unfortunately, you don't always know that you were swimming with them until it's too late. (I've had a couple of bouts of sea lice too).

Barry- I'm taking three different medications. Mebendazol, morelax and metronidazol. I've quickly forgotten which medicine is for what, but I am to take them all for a week. Thanks for the well wishes!

Tom- Oh honey, I am so sorry to hear about your health problems!!! That is so much worse than a few bugs in the belly, I sure hope you recover quickly and get back to the beach!

Jen- The amoebas can come from a LOT of different places, the water, unsanitary places, mishandled food, certain sexual practices and even from breathing them in the air. Everyone is at risk of getting them, though if you take acidophilous or eat a lot of yogurt, it's less likely. It seems it also affects foreigners more as we have different "flora and fauna" in our intestines than people who have always lived here. I've made the mistake of brushing my teeth with tap water, eating in the street, and having pets in the house so I wasn't as careful as I should have been. Sometimes it seems like all the precautions are just paranoia, until you get hit. :)
Anonymous said…

i hope you feel better soon! i had the misfortune of getting parasites in chacala last year. this year it was my son's turn. he got amoebas after eating "pata de mula", nickname i suppose for "raw clam". it took a while for the meds to kick in. poor guy had the runs for 9 days. i was really concerned but he finally got better.

have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Wow, living in paradise ain't so paradisaical after all!

(although I'd still do it if I had the opportunity!)

You poor thing... Hope you feel better soon!

Mimi just had three parasites, including Amoebas, Mia had Amoebas, and Gaby one of the parasites buddies...

Gotta love it, right?

BTW, I did got a med for me to prevent it, and the girls didnt pass it to me.... Let me know if you want to know the brand.
JoAnne in CT said…
Ugh, how awful!! I had a bout with Salmonella a few years ago after one of our Mexican adventures and it was NOT fun!! One of the lasting side effects even after treatment is irritable bowel syndrome, so sometimes depending on what I've eaten, it acts up - a price to pay for loving our visits south of the border!! Hope you're feeling better real soon, Kelly!
heatherinparadise said…
Poor you! I am not a fan of the "take a pill every six months" thing that many do here. I think it's best to treat what you've got when you've got it, with the specific meds required. I've been infested a couple of times myself, and I know it is NOT fun.

Take care of yourself, get rest, drink lots of liquids, and milk the hell out of this...make DH do EVERYTHING. Go on, tell him I said it was ok.
CancunCanuck said…
Teresa- Sorry to hear you had a bout with the bugs, they are tenacious little things. I suggest eating lots of natural, unflavoured yogurt while here or taking acidophilus tablets to help you out. I hope you have a healthy visit next time!

Jen- Nope, not always paradise, but for me it's worth it. I just had different kinds of troubles up north and I didn't have the great weather and ocean. :)

Momto3- Ouch, so hard on the little ones when they get it! And really hard on mom. Glad you didn't get it! There's no shortage here of meds for this kind of thing, it's pretty common stuff.

Joanne- Aw man, sorry to hear about the lasting effects! The last time I had amoebas I had salmonella at the same time, I ended up on an IV in the hospital, not nice. Glad you haven't given up on Mexico, I think laying in the sun and ocean makes it all feel ok.

Heather- I'm not a big "pill popper", but I am starting to believe the hype on the "get it before it gets you" theory. The bugs are always there really, it's just when they build up and flare up that you get into trouble. Might be nice not to have the flare ups at all, KWIM? Though, I guess I got to it too late this year, I did try the prevent way but alas they were already building their little colony of colon love.
barry said…
thanks Kelly,...Interesting to see how they treat same problems in various countries & you are so right, eventually you gonna get bit .. .. hope you are on the mend ,, Have a better weekend
harvestmoon said…
I'll have to go back and see if you saw my last comment - the studies they've done on Amenox are pretty conclusive. Google is your friend but e. histolytica is veyr much not (I know from various personal experiences).

((((poor you))))
CancunCanuck said…
Harvestmoon- Got the message, will try that one in six months if I can find it. The meds you have to take once you've got a full blown infestation are far worse than the preventative ones!

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