The Kitten Currently Named Ziggy

The name debate ended at Max's bedtime, right now "Ziggy" is coming out ahead. Well, ahead for me really. Hubby wants to call him "Pinche Gato" and Max desperately wants to call him "Mimi". The five minutes we thought she was a girl he got set on it. If he still wants it tomorrow and won't go with Ziggy, then Mimi the Macho it is.

I have cried a lot today, still haven't stopped, even with a sweet, teeny, tiny wittle kitten in the house. The worst was in the vet's office, thinking of the time I was hugely pregnant and Changa bit me to the bone and I fainted. Awww, mi bebe Changa. I loved you for all your "fresh" behaviour. For sucking on my hair while sleeping on the pillow, for killing all the nasty bugs and lizards, for climbing concrete buildings, falling off balconies, curling up beside me and only me. Night night.

Ziggy/Pinche Gato/Mimi, welcome, you will get lots of love here. There's plenty of toys, help yourself, don't scratch or bite, do pee in the box and purr for me when I snuggle you. Be nice to Max, be tolerant of Hubby and stay inside!


JJ said…
Canucka Canucka - I cried at work when I read about Changa, who I once met and who let me pet her. But as someone commented on the other post, she is running and chasing lizards somewhere better now. And this little teeny tiny kitlet that you have - I think the passing of dear Changa has allowed this teeny tiny thing to have a wonderful life full of love and happiness. Changa's spirit will always be in your heart, and Mimita/Pinchesita/Ziggytita will snuggle your pain away. Congrats on the new little bunny!
JoAnne in CT said…
What a sweet, wonderful little bundle of joy! I could just reach through the computer screen and cuddle him. I'm sure he'll be spoiled in no time - congratulations!
Ale said…
Ay no! que culpa tiene el gatito?? tache para el hubby!
The kitty is adorable! I like Mimi but not for a boy :S so Ziggy sounds perfect!
Changa will never be forgotten... cheers Kelly!
Mexico Way said…
Cuteness wrapped up in a tiny package it is!!!
lisaloveloca said…
Oh snap that is a cute baby!!! Awww! Things have a way of working themselves out, I guess, now you have room in your lives for this new baby. I guess that whole works in mysterious ways thing... Good luck with the new ______ (name- fill in the blank). I'm so sorry about Changa, still. *hugs*
What a cute little kitty. I think he wants a,cat,cat....I like Ziggy. Short for zigzag,zigfried? if it's zigfried you need a Roy to go with him!
RiverGirl said…
You need MORE CATS! You know you do! You know you need more and more cats. Stop denying it.

Cats need friends. How would you like to be the only human in the house? He needs a friend.
Anonymous said…
Pressure for another one... Maybe. Quieres otro gato amor?
CancunCanuck said…
jj- Ok, your comment made me cry, lol. We're a big mess aren't we? You are one of the lucky ones she allowed to touch her, she was a good ole bitch and I miss her dearly. Thanks amiga.

Joanne- He's a good little boy so far, using the litter box and everything! He's so small I think I could eat him in one bite, teehee.

Ale- Ziggy has stuck, yay!

Mexico Way- I think you would be a puddle of "awwwwwwws" if you saw him. :)

Lisa- I am happy to have a new baby to take care of, but I am still missing my Changa. Hope you are hanging in my girl.

Theresa and Rivergirl- See hubby's comment, I convinced him, we've got another one on the way, yahoooo! I like Roy, it was my grandfather's name, but as usual it will be up to Max.

Anon Amor- Yes please! And thank you. Mua.

Thanks all! Can't wait to get his brother here with us though it will have to wait until tomorrow. The tears for Changa continue, but little babies are going to help.
JJ said…
Yay! Kitten's getting a brother! Believe me when I tell you, it's fun to watch them conspire and act like the other one did it! Good boy, Esposo :)
CancunCanuck said…
Oh sure JJ, I've read all your complaints and now it's roses? HAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding, I am looking forward to it.
Rooting for Ziggy!! He is cute, but cant be named after my Mimi...

He looks just like a cat that I had that pass away.... I totally forgot about it, but it came to me when I saw him.. His name was Speedy. I was too young, and he only lived for a month or so, that's why I forgot....

I have lost so many pets (dogs, cats, parrots...) in my life, that Im not ready to have one.
Heather said…
OMG i didnt know they come that tiny! So Cute!

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