Can Anyone Say "Awwwwwww"?

Sitting at home last night (like I ever do anything else), I heard the sounds of a beautiful guitar and a man singing outside. I went to the window and what do I see? A three piece band in full costume serenading a young lady at her window! I almost got tears in my eyes, it was so lovely, so romantic, so old fashioned and charming. It was wonderful to be reminded that somewhere out there romantic men still exist. Heck right next door apparently there is a romantic man! (I wonder if he teaches lessons?) Lucky, lucky neighbour lady.

Of course, being the 80's freak that I am, I couldn't help but have a flashback to one of the most romantic movie scenes ever, John Cusack, a boom box and Peter Gabriel in the classic "Say Anything". Did anyone else marry John Cusack in their dreams when you were a teenager? I think Ione Skye may have been my first girl crush too. Mmmm, John Cusack......serenades....heavy sigh......


JoAnne in CT said…
Awwwww is right!! That gave me a tear... sniff! I'm such a sucker for romance...
Tricia said… romantic!! And yes, I too am a big John Cusack fan! A good romance movie I just seen was PS I Love You...highly recommend it! Of course you will cry through the entire thing, but it's very good!!
heatherinparadise said…
Lloyd Dobler is my ideal man. I shall never find him.
I had to google to find out who Lloyd Dobler is. My big crush was Barnabas Collins or Mr Spock talk about wanting emotionally unavailable men even at 12.
Anonymous said…
i've never seen the movie (i know shame on me) DID HE GET THE GIRL??
My3Ro's said…
Wow you would think my hubby would not need a romance lesson since he and this guy came from the same lineage but alas he does. I am so jealous of that lady. Sigh to be young and completely in love again.
Funny, my wife and I just sat down and pulled "Say Anything" out of the DVD collection to watch last Thursday night.

Gotta love Lloyd.

"The rain on my car is a baptism, the new me, Ice Man, Power Lloyd, my assault on the world begins now."
CancunCanuck said…
Joanne- I'm with you, a good romantic story and I am a puddle!

Tricia- I'll look for that movie, I could use a good tearjerker and anything with John Cusack is ok by me!

Heather- Lloyd Dobler is the ideal man, and you are right, only someone you would find in a Hollywood script, he's not a real life man at all.

Trina- I never give away movie endings, you'll just have to rent it. Take my word for it, you won't regret it. :)

My3ros- Yeah, my hubby isn't on the same page either, lol.

Scott- Some strange cosmic connection perhaps? "She gave me a pen. I have her my heart and she gave me a pen."
Heather said…
Thats the M&M commercial when they see Santa and say, "He really does exist". Romantic men really do exist?

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