Brenda Martin- The End

In the interest of having some closure on my series of posts about Brenda Martin, here is the final chapter.  The Canadian government has granted Ms. Martin parole and she has been released from prison, free as free can be.  Guilty or innocent, I personally think that she served enough time for the crime and should be paroled.  I do think she should be repaying the Canadian government the money that was spent to gain her freedom, they spent $82, 000 CDN on a private jet to fly her back!  I guess Air Canada just wasn't good enough.  They paid her fine in Mexico, about $3500 CDN and contributed to her release with a lot of man hours.  Now that she knows all about ponzi schemes, I'm sure she could make that money back in no time.  (insert wink here)

Sadly, her case has become fodder for a continued backlash against travel to Mexico, with many Canadians believing that a travel boycott should be implemented to force Mexico to change their legal system.  That cracks me up, I'm quite sure that the few people that would go to Cuba instead of Mexico wouldn't be able to change something that over 100 million Mexican citizens haven't be able to do.

If you missed the previous posts, here they are in one bite sized package....


Mexico Way said…
You know, I find it interesting. I read an article where Brenda complained about the cdn government and said that they were only taking interest in her case to gain more publicity and win more votes. I could look for the article but I'm too lazy. Anyhow. Whether she really said that or not I don't know, but if she did, she best be biting her tongue now.
CancunCanuck said…
Mexico Way- I read the same thing somewhere. She's really been all over the map with her own media attention. But yeah, she better stick with "Thank you" and move on with her life.

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