Brenda Martin Back Home

Brenda Martin has been returned home to Canada, released from the Mexican jail that had been her home for over two years. After being found guilty of involvement in a fraudulent scheme, the Mexican and Canadian governments worked quickly on a deal that saw her sent back to Canada. She is currently in prison in Kitchener, Ontario, awaiting the courts decision as to how she will be treated. There is the possibility that she will be released, having served sufficient time for her crime (she was sentenced to five years by the Mexican courts, has served a little over two).

In recent weeks there has been some "Brenda Backlash" on the net. The public opinion turned after her guilty verdict. It seems that many Canadians were upset with her and began to suspect that her crying and soulful pleas were less than sincere. Many people are also unhappy with the Canadian government for giving Ms. Martin special treatment over other citizens in similar or more dangerous situations around the world. For me, it's just another novela coming to an end at this point, played out in the media which loves a damsel in distress.


Anonymous said…
It looks as if the US press might take a run at it on behalf of Rebecca Roth. (Rebecca had a good reputation locally, whereas Brenda, well, not so much). If no other good comes out of this whole situation, I hope at least that awareness has been increased. It's not okay to flaunt the laws here. I also live in a beach resort in Mexico and regularly see people doing things they never would have done back home. Why is that?

Here are the two recent links from the Oregonian online. I hope the links come out okay; they are kind of lengthy.
CancunCanuck said…
Anon- Amazing how a little media goes a long way isn't it? I wish I knew why people get so crazy living in a tourist town outside of their own country, but it is a fact of life. I've had to learn to be very careful and very wary of new ex-pats in town, some of them are just here for all the wrong reasons. I've met more criminals and just plain not nice people here than I care to count, many of them are just out to make the fastest buck possible no matter who they hurt.

Thanks for the comment and the links, which coast are you on?
harvestmoon said…
Yeah, it's a little freaky how many people are down here for 7 years. And then go back. (statute of limitations)
Anonymous said…
I'm on the the west coast, the Pacific Riviera, where I dream of opening a kick-ass private detective agency and getting a cut of that FBI's most wanted deal. hehehe There is one woman in Puerto Vallarta with BIG "assets" who regularly befriends and then turns in the bad guys for money. I was thinking somewhat more low key than that. Hope she has a work permit as an Independiente. :-)
Anonymous said…
I'm an expat here in Mexico too (fifteen years, Cabo) and I have seen so many scammers, thiefs and con artists among the expat community and Brenda seems to fit into that category, from what I have read. I am not all that convinced that she is innocent.

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