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Feliz Dia de los Niños

April 30th is designated "Dia de los Niños", or "Day of the Kids". Well, our house celebrates that everyday, hardeeharhar, but Max had a special field trip with his school to honour the event. Sadly, I can find very little information on the net about this special (Hallmark) day. Might just be another day to buy presents for the wee set, but I'll go with "we shall honour the innocence" instead.

Cancun is chock full of "jardines de fiestas" or "party gardens" set up for special kiddie events. Some of them have petting zoos, some have pools, all have bouncy houses in various states of cleanliness. None of them are conveniently located, they are all out in hell's half acre. I missed the exit off the highway going to pick Max up today and ended up at the freaking Cancun airport, I was half an hour later than I wanted to be, grrrr. The kids were at Ximbaa today, a nice garden area with pool, climby toys, bouncy house and actu…

Random Shots in Our Hood

I guess the title says it all, here are some random pics of our neighbourhood. Not feeling very "chatty" today but apparently a picture is worth a thousand words or something like that, so here's about five thousand words.

Super Cutie Neighbour Kid
(So sad, behind bars at such a tender age)

Iguana In A Tree
(He definitely saw Max coming)
Take THAT Shadow, I've Got You Now!

Max likes to take pics too, he calls this one
"Twuck! White Twuck!"

Pedro is Out and He is Proud!
(but won't be getting any calls til he fills in his digits)

Fast Food? My Aunt Fanny!

I am a very patient woman. Like, beyond patient, nothing really upsets me. But holy frijole do I get annoyed with "fast food" joints in Cancun. There is nothing FAST about them! The service is always terrible, the interiors are always filthy and it is beyond slow. I'm talking your McDonald's, Burger Kings etc.. If these establishments were in Canada, they would be shut down, they are just that nasty. But, because they put some sort of drug in their foods that make you crave it, I do still occasionally stop in for a "Cajita Feliz" (Happy Meal) for Max and un Cuarto Libro con Queso (sin cebolla!) for me. (That's a Quarter Pounder with cheese, no onions for the Spanishly impaired). I desperately try to not take him there for the play areas, but we're quite limited in child friendly places so again, we occasionally stop in for a romp in McPlayland.

Seeing as I am sick today, I sure didn't feel up to cooking lunch for Max. We've also got…

Everyone Had Magic Towels

Yeah, yeah, I know the lyrics are "Everyone had matching towels", but I'm stuck for life with my own misheard version of "Rock Lobster". If you have no idea what I am talking about, please ask Dr. Brown for a ride in his time machine back to the 80's. Anywho. Everytime we go to Playa Langosta (Lobster Beach), this oldie but goodie from the B-52's swims through my head. And since we went to Playa Langosta this morning, the song is stuck in my brain, may as well be stuck in yours too. Here are some pics from our day.

Somebody went under a dock

Watch out for that pirahna!

Mermaids wavin, wavin' to mermen

Lots of trouble, lots of bubble

Bakin' potatoes, bakin' in the sun

Watch Your Language

Heather has given us homework from the book No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, blogger tips. Fun! I randomly selected number 14, "Watch Your Language", asked to share the words I love or phrases I wish would one day be back in fashion. So here it is, a list of things I actually say and some things that I only allow myself to think.

Big whoop

Groovy man

Like water off a duck's back

Whatever floats yer boat

Let's motor

I love a good chin wag

What's your damage?

He's a cool cat

Got me a 2-4 of Blue and my Cameo flip tops, let's party!

Cool beans

Smoking a doobie

She's the bees knees

Make whoopee

We're gonna party like it's 1999!

It's loverly!

He's such a hoser, eh?

And any phrase ending in "-o-rama".

I have a life long love affair with the word "epiphysis", I just think it's a word that feels great in my mouth.

Popocateptl. Took me a long time to learn to say it so I am going to say it a LOT.

Pe la na. …

I Need a Kitty Witty!

I am a cat person. Always have been. Growing up on the farm we had cats a'plenty, barn cats, yard cats, house cats, garage cats, even wildcats that came in from the fields and forests (I mean BIG bobcat kind of cats that we had to scare off with a shotgun). I have a very vivid memory of my dad being under the crawl space of the house fixing something and hearing him start to moan. And then to calmly and almost quietly say "Somebody help me please". When we stuck our head in the crawlspace, there was a bobcat standing on my dad's chest! Anywho, I digress. I was devastated to leave my three beautiful felines in Toronto when I came to Mexico. I have always had a lovely kitty in my life, usually more than one. Living right now with only one, evil cat, I am just not satisfied. Unfortunately, Hubby hates cats and is refusing to allow another in the house.
Now for my evil plot. I am enlisting Max. Max LOVES kitties. Sadly, Changa is a bitch (makes me love her e…

Brenda Martin Found Guilty

I've been following the case of Brenda Martin for a while and just read the report from today's court hearing. The judge found Ms. Martin guilty of accepting illegal funds and sentenced her to five years in prison. The Canadian government has apparently negotiated her extradition to Canada, but it will most likely take weeks for her return to be coordinated. Canadian officials are scrambling to translate the court documents to determine how she will be treated on her return to Canada. Some reports seem to suggest that she won't spend any time in a Canadian prison as she has served a significant portion of her sentence. Not surprisingly, Ms. Martin was devastated and is once again being monitored closely as family and friends suggest she may be suicidal.

In Canucka's opinion, any way you look at the verdict, she'll be getting out of that prison soon and her nightmare will be over. Hopefully the rest of the process will be speedy and she can go home at last.

Time Killers

I've had a lot of bad habits in my lifetime, wasted a lot of time doing stupid things. I'm betting most of you have had some yourself, unless you are one of those perfect people that I don't have time for (because I am wasting it doing stupid things). I got to thinking about how I waste my time now and thought I would waste your time by sharing.

1. Solving online crossword puzzles
2. Reading Crime Library
3. Watching 80's videos on YouTube and trying to teach Max the words
4. Googling the names of my friends and enemies and ex-husband
5. I'm in remission on this one, but I know it will rear its ugly head again, I've spent a gazillion hours playing FunTrivia
6. Watching lizards in fascination
7. Watching bugs in horror
8. Playing ridiculous amounts of puzzle and word games on Real Arcade
9. Cracking my back
10. Spinning my belly ring (would this count as belly gazing?)
11. Planning what I will do WHEN I win the lottery (it had better be a big one)

I hemmed and …

And a Good Time Was Had by All

Wowzers. What an incredible weekend! The first (annual?) Latin American Bloggers Meetup was a huge success, a big shout of thanks to the indefatigable Wayne for all his planning and efforts to keep us organized, everything went off without a hitch!

Alrighty, here's the long and the short of it, I'd rather just show you pics! I took the 8:30 am ferry over to Isla Mujeres and headed to the Hotel Carmelina. Wayne scooted up on his well, scooter and directed me to the stoop outside the Aluxes coffee shop that he calls his office. I checked in first then joined our host for some caffeine and sugar to get us ready for the big day.

At 10:00 (ish) we all convened at the golf cart place and got ourselves revved up for the big tour. This was my first meeting with several of the bloggers, it was amazing how there were no awkward moments, it was as if we had known each other for a while. The truly lovely Heather was our driver (though the pedal marked "go" had to be explain…

To Do and Not To Do

Things I Don't Have to Do This Weekend

1. Dishes
2. Laundry
3. Mopping
4. Wipe anyone's butt but my own.
5. Watch 48 hours of "Lazytown"
6. Put anyone in time out. (Unless Mexico Way gets out of control, haha)
7. Homework (mine or Max's)
8. Sleep with the feet of a three year old in my face.
9. Answer the home phone for yet another pinche wrong number.
10. Wear socks.

Things I Have to Do This Weekend

1. Meet interesting people at the Bloggers Meetup
2. Drink cold beverages with alcohol in them.
3. Eat food not cooked by me.
4. Smile
5. Hang on the beach.
6. Chillax

Looking forward to meeting all you bloggers!

Que raro!

Estoy pensando en español. I'm thinking in Spanish. I noticed last week while my brain was in overdrive, that I was actually thinking in Spanish. Not all the time, but definitely for long stretches. It actually freaked me out, I wondered how long I had been doing it but not noticing. I then started to talk to myself.

Yo: Estas pensando en español?
Yo2: No, no puedo.
Yo: Ya vez!
Yo2: Que?
Yo: Pensaste en español!
Yo2: No fui yo!
Yo3: You're both thinking in Spanish!


Me: Are you thinking in Spanish?
Me2: No, I can't.
Me: You see!
Me2: What?
Me: You thought in Spanish!
Me2: Wasn't me!
Me3: Los dos están pensando en español!

Don't get me wrong, I am not thinking in perfect Spanish by any means, my inner dialogue is a mashed up mess of strange grammar and lots of swear words. Once the weirdness of it wore off, I realized it was a pretty good thing, another goal reached, another step to being bilingual.

So now I just have to deal with these little voic…

Captain Hook's Pirate Cruise

For oh so many reasons we opted not to have a birthday party for Max this year. Instead we decided to take him on the Captain Hook's Pirate Ship dinner cruise. I know, normally you don't think dinner cruise for a three year old's birthday, but this one is definitely fun for the kid set. It's also a whole lot less stressful to arrange and pull off than a party for thirty three year olds, and super bonus, no Barney!

Max has been talking about this FOREVER and was super pumped about the whole thing. He was charming the crowd while we waited in line, running around saying "Argh!" and making his pirate face. He's really coming out of his shell with strangers, walking right up to people and saying "Hi, what's your name? My name Max." and holding out his little hand to shake. He blows my mind when he knows which people to speak Spanish to and which ones speak English, he's a smart cookie. Anywho, I digress.

Here's the pirate dealio. …

Mini Olympics Pics

Here are a few pics of Max's Mini-Olympics event....

The Opening Ceremonies

Go Team Red!

Team Red: The Youngest Squad
(the girl in front of Max is Karen, his little love!)
(And the cute white tushie is his English teacher)

Shocking Turn of Events for Team Red!
Karen Holds Hands With A Different Boy,
Max Stuck with Angry Eyebrow Girl!

Max With His Girlfriend Karen.
Oh wait, he's sitting with Karen on his left but flirting with an
older woman on his right! My oh my.
His wingman Anuar seems to be saying
"Chill dude, Karen's right here and your mom's taking pictures!"

Max and Karen, Sitting in a Tree

Firstly, Happy Birthday to my baby boy Max! Three years old today, man time goes fast. The day started EARLY, we had to be at the soccer field at 7:30 am for his school's Mini-Olympics. It was GREAT fun for everyone, they had flag bearers and a torch bearer too (no protests today) and cute little competitions for everyone, parents included. I'm an idiot and didn't charge the camera batteries, so no idea if I managed to get any decent pics or not, will check and post later if anything turned out.

The most interesting part of the morning was learning that Max has a girlfriend. Yes, a kissy, huggy, cute little girlfriend named Karen. Now, Max talks about his school friends all the time and yes, I knew he had a friend named Karen, but I had no idea how serious they were until this morning. Max plays his toy guitar and sings a song he made up about Karen, but I didn't know that it was L-O-V-E. As soon as we got to the field, he was on the hunt for her, and she for hi…

The Kindness of Strangers

As I have already posted, I have been totally overwhelmed by the amazing support of my blog readers and internet friends. Emails and comments from around the world, phone calls from long distance friends and supportive posts on various forums I participate in, it's truly incredible to find such loving and caring people out there in cyberspace. In the past I have had some people in real life express disbelief that "cyber-friends" are true friends, but I've got piles of evidence to the contrary now.

Case in point. The big, beautiful basket of fresh yummy fruit that just arrived, sent by someone that I have never met, never even spoken to on the phone! (No, I don't share my address with just anyone, a very limited number of special cyber-friends were in a Christmas card exchange and that is how this kind lady knows where I live, no stalker worries about this one). The card expressed love and warm thoughts to me and Max and really made my day. I wish I had had …

The Main Distraction

In an effort to get myself away from crazy obsessive thinking, I took Max to Playa Langosta yesterday. I still obsessed, but at least it was on the beach with my main man. Here's a little greeting from my main distraction....

Max's third birthday is Saturday and he has his own obsessive thoughts going. He knows he is going on the pirate ship and that the pirates will be bringing him cake. And he won't stop talking about it. I'm glad he has his own distraction, nothing better than pirates to make life's problems disappear. At least for a soon to be "fwee" year old. (Though a little Johnny Depp in full pirate regalia would probably make my problems fade away too, at least for an hour or two or three....)

My Spirit is in the I.C.U.

Number one, I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone for your comments, emails and phone calls. The support I have received has been overwhelming, and while I didn't have the strength to answer all the emails personally, they were read and received with gladness.

Now, onto the rest of it while I have the gumption. I am not going to post what the traumatic event was/is, it's not going to help the situation any for me to do that and right now my goal is to heal, not to hurt. I would like to tell you how I have been feeling the last few days and give you an idea of where I am right now. For three days, I was a disaster, truly truly out of control and having a psychological breakdown. No eating, no sleeping, just crying, vomiting, shaking uncontrollably and even a few convulsions. On Friday I thought that if I were in Canada I would have called 911 for an ambulance. Yes, things were that bad, I was scared for and of myself.

I saw a therapist on Wednesday night, the day …

The Gut Knows

Remember this? Me saying I had a bad feeling? Well the popo has hit the ventilador (the shit has hit the fan). I'm gobsmacked, feel like I've been kicked. I am numb, nauseous, depressed, furious, livid, spookily calm, then explosive. I feel like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag. My world is spinning and not in that good champagne way. I might just lose my mind. I can't believe this is happening to me. I have been knocked back to nothing, I am but a speck of dust, empty, void.

If I am not around for a couple of days, forgive me, it's just my life falling apart. I can't talk about this here, so just be patient with me to get back to my old posting routine (I hope I can after this one).