Poll results- Which deadly sin are you?

Oh you sinners you (it's why I love you!). Here's what my readers had to say about sin:

Lust- 8 (19%)
Gluttony- 9 (21%)
Greed- 3 (7%)
Sloth- 1 (2%)
Wrath- 1 (2%)
1 (2%)
1 (2%)
Sin? I never, ever sin, see my halo?- 3 (7%)
All of the above, see my horns?- 14 (34%)

Well, that was honest, 34% of us are big giant sinners! Life is more fun that way, isn't it? My top two would have to be sloth and lust, I can be L-A-Z-Y if left to my own devices and lust, well, must I explain? Wrath and greed are my bottom two, it takes a lot to make me angry and I am not a person who needs a lot of "stuff" to be happy.

So dish, fess up, let's here it, what's your weakness?


Melissa said…
Jajaja...I imagine that you know that mine is lust. ;)

By the way, I misread your new poll...I first thought, hell, yeah I believe in spanking. Then I realized that you were talking about spanking your child as a form of punishment.

Oops...I went somewhere else with that one.
Manolo said…
I am "wrath" because the rest are not sins to me ;-) whereas being angry is really something should be kept under control.
CancunCanuck said…
Melly, you dirty girl. Mua.

Manolo, you dirty boy. Mua.


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