Give Me Subtitles or Give Me Death!

Ok, I don't rant or get negative here very often, forgive me for doing so now. I am having a $@#$#@$% day. Max is dying to see the Horton movie which has just opened up here, but as usual, all the theaters are showing it DUBBED. I despise dubbed movies! The actors were hired for their voice talent, I think it's a shame not to appreciate the movie as it was originally intended. When movies are dubbed, the voices are never as good as the original actors AND they change the jokes! Shrek is not Shrek without Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy. Finding Nemo is lame without Ellen Degeneres. And Daffy Duck should be called Daffy Duck, what's up with changing his name to Pato Lucas? The Addams Family loses Uncle Fester and gets Tio Lucas. Who decided that Lucas was the quintessential "Spanish" name of the foil? The dubbing never matches the animated lips, the funny stuff doesn't translate and it just rubs me all the wrong ways to suffer through a movie that is not in its original form. I think I would give a limb to see a subtitled animated film in the theater with my son.

I know, it's selfish, but my relationship with Max is in English. We are using the OPOL method of bilingual language acquisition, so taking him to a movie by myself should be an English experience. Because of all the kid movies being dubbed, this means that Max only goes to movies with both of us or only with his Dad, I can't take him by myself. I would love to take Max to the movies this afternoon as a treat, but I won't, I can't, I will not subject myself to hearing some Jaime Carey trying to be Jim Carrey. I won't subject the other patrons to my English translations to Max. Why oh why oh why can't they just show us a subtitled version??? Yeah yeah, I know, kids can't read but sheesh, pick one viewing time and give us the original version, there are enough bilingual families in this town that I know they could fill the theater!

Thank the goddess for DVDs, we've got options. If Max is watching with Hubby, we can change the audio to Spanish, with me, to English. If we're all watching together, we can use the subtitles in the non-audio language. But, until the distant day that Horton comes out on DVD, I am in a jam. And a bad mood, if Max asks one more time for the "elephant movie, PWEEEEEEASE mommy", I might just scream.


Mexico Way said…
I'm with you sistah!!!

The reason it bugs me so much (along with your reasons of course) is because they just assume that no adults want to see an animated film in its original version.

Like why in the hell would we want to watch a cartoon for? BECAUSE THEY ROCK! THATS WHY! Now give me the original version or give me death...

Should we go make picket signs or sumfin
Heather said…
Girl, I have subtitles on every day all day. I cant watch tv or movies anymore with them, lol!

Can hubby take max and you get a massage or something? lol!
I'm with you. Given the choice, subtitles win over dubbed every day of the week.
Ale said…
Movies are always best in the original language, no matter what it is.
Theresa said…
I love the animated films and hate that I can't see them in the theatres here. Oh, it isn't that I can't understand them, it's for all the reasons that Canucka says. Dubbing stinks, the subtitles are bad enough.Not that I mind subtitles it's just that sometimes they are so far off the mark that it's ridiculous.I can't see writing without reading it, so I end up watching the movie in English and reading the subtitles in Spanish.
MarsBattyAngel said…
Hmmm at the risk of getting lynched, I must say that I enjoy Mexican dubbing for animated films. I've watched all Disney films, Shreks and so on in both languages, and some (if not most) I've enjoyed more in Spanish. And in Pato Lucas' defense, 'Lucas' is often used to refer to someone that is 'loco/crazy'...and 'Daffy' does sound like 'daft'...

I do hear what you say, though. I want to strangle someone every time a Japanese anime is shown dubbed in English. I HATE the voices, the lack of realism in them and that so many things get lost in "translation".

I do agree that the films should be shown in both languages at the cinemas.
I have always hate dubbed movies, even when my English wasnt enough to understand a full movie.

I do understand that in a latin american country movies should be dubbed because kids cant read, but what I dont understand is why they cant offer it in both languages in two different rooms...

We deal with the same thing here, and we just wait for the DVD no matter how long is the wait....
CancunCanuck said…
Mexico Way- Thanks for having my back sistah, rock on cartoons!

Heather- You've got even more languages to worry about than I do, lol, I'm guessing subtitles are going to be your best friend!

Scott- I will add you to my legion of anti-dubbing fighters.

ale- I agree. If I am watching a Mexican film, I want it in Spanish, Japanse films should be in Japanese! Your in the legion too. :)

Theresa- Yes, the translations are often really bad (particularly on TV). I must say the Disney translations are some of the best, but they do change the original meaning of the piece.

MarsBattyAngel- Hi and Welcome! Nobody will lynch you here, I promise, it's a friendly little place. I think being Mexican/American, you understand the Spanish jokes better than we do, I get that. My students say the same thing, though since they are trying to learn English they "suffer" through with Spanish subtitles.

Momto3Flowers- Ok, you can join my army too, lol! More movies in both languages please!

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