Don't Go Into the Basement!

You know when you are watching a good old horror movie and you just know that something horrible is about to happen?  The tightening of the muscles, the roiling of the stomach, the racing heartbeat, the need to warn the characters in the movie that an axe murderer is in their basement?  That's the feeling I have right now.  I woke up with a horrible sense of anxiety, a fear for the day, a dread that something really bad is going to happen to me or someone I love.  Logically, everything in my life is just peachy right now, jobs are good, family is good, bills are paid, no money troubles, nothing hanging over my head that would make me feel this way.  Which makes it even scarier!  I am no stranger to anxiety, but I can usually put a name to it.  Right now there is no reason for me to feel this way and yet my tummy is in knots!

I drove with extra caution this morning.  I went to check on my car in the parking lot three times to make sure it was still there and still locked.  I held onto the stair railings and carefully walked up when normally I take the stairs in leaps and bounds.  I've triple checked my voice mails and emails to make sure there wasn't some tragic news waiting for me.  I feel the need to call my parents just to reassure myself they are ok.  

I'll be honest, I am actually dizzy and finding myself on the verge of a full blown anxiety attack, FOR NO REASON.  What's wrong with me?  What phase is the moon in right now?  Should I go check my horoscope or the farmer's almanac?  Or should I just have a long hot bath with a glass of wine to calm down?  (Oops, no, too much risk of drowning, scratch that).  

Alright, going to try to calm myself down.  I just wanted to get this into a post so when the apocalypse happens I can say "I told you so!"


I don't think you are crazy. I say trust your gut. This doesn't mean that something devastating is inevitable, just keep your eyes open. Thousands of years of instinct are in our DNA. Sometimes, you just get a feeling. Maybe there's just a storm coming and your gut is telling you to find shelter (which you already have). It's probably something very simple. Dam instinct!
Mexico Way said…
I get this and sometimes it doesn't make sense until later on in the day, or later on in the week, or never. Sometimes it can be the onset of an illness that hasn't shown its ugly head yet.

Sometimes you get that feeling, so that you are more careful about stuff, and that nothing happens as a result of it. So keep that in mind too.

Let us know how things turn out. I'm sure all will be well especially since you are being extra careful.
RiverGirl said…
This happens to me sometimes too. Sometimes something that ends up happening to someone else. Usually nothing happens to me, probably because I'm worrying about it. Just trust yourself and be careful.
Jonna said…
I hope you feel better tonight! Hold Max and Hubby close and think calmly about all of your loved ones, sending them all the positve love you can. Then let it go.

A warm bath and a glass of wine sound like the perfect thing, keep the tub shallow if you want :)
Anonymous said…
Awwww i hope this feeling passes soon with nothing bad happening......I had that feeling before too when hurricane Chralie was hitting Florida and my little brothers town was evacuated but he never left so i was calling him all day and couldnt reach him was also Friday the im so worried and i get home and see my fiance crying hysterically only to find out his dad dies of a massive heart attack at work that morning(he was a police officer).......

So anyways what i mean is dont ignore those feeling because they can definitely be telling you something ......just be careful like you have been. ......and a glass of wine should also still be on the agenda :)
CancunCanuck said…
Thanks all. The serious anxiety has lessened to just being a nagging feeling, I think I've weathered the storm so to speak. I think it was my body telling me that I have to worry about SOMETHING, it's just not accustomed to having everything being A OK.
Heather said…
Same here. Sometimes I feel like i am leaving the house with no clothes on, or left the front door wide open. Im driving with my stuff i left on top of my car, or i left one of my kids some where, lol!

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