Deadline for Blogger Meeting RSVP

Wayne and I are getting excited about the upcoming "Latin American Bloggers" meet up set for April 18, 19 and 20th and we hope you are too! We'll be meeting up on Isla Mujeres for socializing with our compatriots, fellow bloggers in Mexico and parts south (if y'all can make it). If you are looking to be in the same hotel as the rest of the gang, please contact Wayne or myself by March 14th so we can secure some rooms. Anyone who makes a late decision will not be guaranteed a room in the same party palace as the rest of us.

We'll be nailing down the agenda within the next couple of weeks, though it looks like Friday will be meet and greet dinner and drinks and whatever normally follows dinner and drinks (more drinks?). Saturday we'll be having a golf cart caravan around the island and more dinner and drinks and some beachy time. It's pretty loose, we're not out to change the world, just meet face to face and have some fun. If you can't RSVP, doesn't mean you can't come, keep the dates open and come on over and join us if you can, we're bound to have some serious laughs. (Serious laughs? Is that an oxymoron?)


Beth said…
Wish we could be there!!!!! (You have no idea how serious I am about that after to 50cm of snow we got over the weekend!)

Heather said…
I will definitely be there as I've said already, but I was wondering...would it be worth it at all to have some time to discuss blogging, or to discuss ideas for blogging?

I have someone muling down the book "No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog," and I'm happy to share some ideas!
Brice said…
oh, I wish I could make it. I'm not Latin, but am willing to fake it...
mexpat said…
Canuck- I have to cancel. :( I have a friend coming in from the US that week and she wants me to hang with her in Coz that weekend. If she wasn't one of my bestest friends I would totally bail on her, but I'm actually really looking forward to seeing her. I hope it's lots of fun and that you plan another one.

Also- I like Heather's idea. Even if this is just fun and social, maybe we could have a meetup where we discuss blog stuff. That book sounds interesting, too.
CancunCanuck said…
Beth- Wish you could join us, though hopefully the weather up north will have improved by mid April!

Heather- Cool idea, I figure that we will end up discussing blogging a lot anyway, would be good to have a reference book. Thanks, looking forward to meeting you!

Brice- I'm not Latina either, lol, come on down! Would love to have you join us, it's not just for local bloggers, it's readers and lovers of sun and sand too.

mexpat- Awww, so sorry we won't be meeting you! Good reason though, glad you've got some friends coming down. I know we will be discussing blogging in general together, but another meet up is not a bad idea at all. Hopefully I will get to meet you face to face one day!
Malcolm said…
We are CONFIRMED and going to be there! Looking forward to it!
tacogirl said…
Looking forward to this event and meeting you all.
Rob and I will be there too!! I RSVP'd to Wayne already. We are really looking forward to this!!

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