The Canucka Revealed!

Alright, this may appear to be self indulgent but really it's at the request of some of my readers! I've had a few people email me to ask why I never post any pics of myself. No, I am not an enigma, I have nothing to hide nor do I have any kind of freaky deformities (yet). The reality is that the camera is almost always in my hands, there are very few pics of me in my files of thousands and thousands of photos! So, to appease my gentle readers (enquiring minds want to know, ya know) here are a few pics of Da Canucka. (I promise not to impose too many of me, the beaches and Max are far more interesting subjects).

Alright, that's enough. Hope that satisfies everyone's curiosity, it might be another year before someone catches me on camera again!


My3Ro's said…
Yes you are still the hot mama. You look great and the sun does you well. Thanks for being there for me.
Where's the one from when you went parasailing on the CancunCare booze cruise?
Mexico Way said…
Ja ja! Yeah I'm with Scott....where is the famous pic Kel?
CancunCanuck said…
Susan- Thanks, I think the sun and the ocean do great things for just about anyone.

Scott and Liz- LMAO! Is it that famous? It's in the vault somewhere.....waiting to bite me in the ass one day, teehee.
Anonymous said…
Lookin Hot Canucka!!!!
wayne said…
Ya know the saying "Pretty as a picture"? You're as a pretty in a picture as in real life! Good choice of pics. Each one captures a different view of your personality. AND we do want to see the picture of the parasailing!
Brice said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brice said…
Haha, I was going to mention the parasailing one too!
I had a great shot of you, me, and the Ex (outside BlueBay), but it disappeared.
K.W. Michigan said…
Great pics .. Now I want to see the parasailing photo .. dig it out!
A. said…
Oh you've got a gorgeous tan!
Theresa said…
Nice photos. What I like is that you look genuinely happy in all of them. That says a lot about you.
Jonna said…
¡Que guapa eres! I also like the smiles and the joy in life that shines through in the pictures.
Anonymous said…
Aw, you're cute! I'm a lurker who stumbled across your blog while net-surfing and now check it out regularly. I *love* your beach photos and totally envy your life! :-) Oh, and your little guy is adorable!

CancunCanuck said…
Erica- Thanks mami, I don't think I'll ever match your superior hotness though!

Wayne- You are so sweet, thanks amigo!

Brice- Sorry to hear the pic has disappeared, I wish I had some others from your visit so long ago.

k.w.- Thanks, I'm seeing what I can do about the famous pic. :)

a.- Going to the beach every week is the best tan maintenance system, beats a tanning bed every time. :)

Theresa- Funny, I AM genuinely happy most of the time! Glad it comes through in the pics.

jonna- You are sweet. It's easy to smile when life is so good.

Jen- Welcome and thanks for jumping in with your comment, I love hearing from my lurkers! I'll have some new beach pics soon and some of my monster/cutie, I appreciate the nice words!

All of you- I am still looking for the famous pic, Hubby just dumped all my photos to an external disk and I am having a teeny bit of trouble with the files. I am trying not to panic (18 gb of pics, zoiks!), but if I find said picture, I will post it for a limited time offer. Will let you know the window of opportunity to see the infamous moment.
Anonymous said…
Totally adorable. :)

Sarah C.
CancunCanuck said…
Sarah C.- Hello and thanks for the comment! I'm feeling a little old for "adorable", so I'll take it, lol!
MarsBattyAngel said…
You're so pretty and you do radiate happiness! I stumbled upon your blog and now I can't wait to read more!

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