We now return to my regularly scheduled life....

Wow a week goes fast when you are having fun. We had a fabulous vacation with the family, perfect weather, great food, everyone in good health, great resort, a group birthday party, lots of presents from up north, perfection. I've got tonnes of photos to go through (one of the presents was the marine pack for my camera so I can play with my digi in the water now, great fun!) and will post when I can catch up.

Now for the crash and the crushing depression. I couldn't bring myself to drive my parents to the airport, Hubby and Max are doing that right now. I kept my composure til the parental units walked out the door and then burst into tears. The words "See you in a year or so" broke my heart, they were too hard to hear. I'm starting to cry again as I write this. I know the folks always find a great bargain and have regularly been coming twice a year and most likely that will happen again, but it's getting harder and harder to be away from them. Watching Max with his grandparents and uncles was amazing, I wish I could provide more family for him here, but it's just us, our little family of three. Knowing that he might not see them again for a year is more difficult than I thought it would be. Normally my life is good, I don't miss the family too much as we talk frequently and share pics and vids online, but this morning they seem a million miles away. My brother and his partner left yesterday and I didn't allow myself to cry, we don't see them nearly as frequently as my parents and it's hard to think about when we might see them again.

Back to cleaning house, going to work and taking care of Max. Alone. I realize I spend too much time alone and will be working to change that. The day to day suddenly seems like a dreadful thing, my shoulders droop just thinking of it. Clean, work, chase, clean, work, chase. Alone with a hyperactive preschooler. I don't want to get in that rut again, I hope this active vacation will inspire me to shake a leg and get out of the routine.

Ok ok, I know, pity party here, I just spent a week at a resort and had great fun, waaaaah, poor Canuck. I didn't even have to get on a plane and go back to the cold, just moved our crap back downtown. Life isn't so bad, I'm just bumming out with the family leaving, I guess that's normal. I promise the next post will be filled with tales of our adventures and some pretty pictures. For now I am off for coffee, a smoke and a good cry.

For your optical pleasure, (lots more pics once I sort through them), here's a sweet shot of Grandpa teaching Max how to fly a kite. Ok, crying again, bye!


Todd said…
I am sorry you are so sad.

Just remember that wherever you are, what ever you do, that you are always in their hearts and that they are always in your's!

Theresa said…
Think how much worse it would be if you dreaded their visit! When I go north and see my kids I have a hard time coming home, then I am sad when I get home. So moms feel the same way when they visit.
Robin said…
I feel for you. I see my parents 1x a year if I'm lucky. I live in the midwest and they live in Cali. It's always hard visiting knowing that it will end.
My dh and I speak frequently of moving to Mexico or Belize but our grown children are here (1 married, 1 with a partner and baby) and there is no way I could leave them. Now if they would come with we'd be gone in a heartbeat. But we wouldn't be able to support everyone w/o being able to work in the potential adopted country.
So we are stuck. :(
Hang in there tho'... things get better and you can once again look forward to their next visit.
(I'm a lurker who enjoys your blog very much)
Jonna said…
I too am sorry that you are sad, sending a virtual hug.

It's one of the down sides to modern life. We no longer stay in the same village all our lives surrounded by our family, and most of the time that is a big plus. But, there are these times when it doesn't feel so good.
My3Ro's said…
It is hard right now but you are blessed by your beautiful son. Be grateful for the time you had with them and maybe you can talk them into moving with you. You are an inspiration and I know once you think about it you will see its all not that bad.
Heather said…
I cant believe how much i missed you all week, lol!

Glad your bck and i know your tears too well. I go through it very often. It didnt such a big deal when the kids were so little, but as they get older, it gets harder. Im right there with ya! Glad you had fun though, cant wait for the pixs.
wayne said…
Glad you're back, sad you're sad. The whole family thing is hard to avoid dwelling upon since everything down here is soooo family oriented.

Just remember, you have a friend and Max has an "uncle" on Isla!
Manolo said…
Add a hug to the ones already sent and received...
Mexico Way said…
Oh thats a toughy and even more so with Max. It's must be wonderful to see the interaction between him and the family which makes it even harder to say goodbye.

Maybe there is a way around it. You never know.

Hang in there chica!
CancunCanuck said…
Thanks all, it's been a low key day, hardest when Max asks where Gramma and Grampa are. Coming out of it though, I always do, thank goodness for the internet and the way it can keep us close even when far away.

Going to focus on the great time we had instead of the negative, don't worry be happy and all that shit. Thanks for the virtual support my blogalicious friends!

Nice to "meet" you new commenters, thanks for checking in Todd and Robin, jump in often!
Fned said…
Hey girl, I know how it feels(kindda)... I always feel sad leaving Mexico... I feel I leave home to come back home but neither feel like home? does that even sound logical?

When I see how my siblings have changed or my parents have aged or my friends have moved on I can't help the tear disaster at the airport... (one time a lady came up to me and asked me if I was ok and if she wished me to call the police -- I was crying so hard I guess she thought hubby was kiddnapping me or something!)....

For me, there is no miraculous cure to the "expat blues"... I just hold on to the memories of those wonderful days spent together and begin to plan "next time"....


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