Random Max Pics

Max on the roof in his Valentine's hat

Max the mad piper

Underwater Max

I thought this reflection shot underwater turned out really cool


Jennifer said…
ok first before I even comment on the blog - you have two theives that read your blog. When I voted, and saw the results, if I had had something to drink in my mouth, I would have ruined my laptop.

Ok, onto your post. I love your pictures, I love your son, so you know I love pictures of your son. I really really love the underwater max picture. I dont know why, but I do.

I think you should have a blog JUST of pics of max.
My3Ro's said…
Your pictures are great as always. I love them alot. Keep up the great work!
Mexico Way said…
The mad piper pic is the bomb.
CancunCanuck said…
Jennifer- I laughed when I saw the thieves vote too. Thanks for the very nice words about Maxito, too bad his terribleness doesn't come through in the pics, lol!

Susan- Thanks mami, much appreciated! Hope all is well.

Liz- He cracks me up with that damned pipe (and drums and guitar, who the heck bought him such noisy toys? Oh right, me......)
Dita said…
Great photos. From a canuck who never left Canada, well, Mexico once actually.
CancunCanuck said…
Hi Dita, welcome and thanks for checking out the blog, always happy to have more Canucks around!

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