Happiness is a Coral Reef

Alright, bringing myself out of the post-family departure blues, I decided to check out the pics from our day of snorkeling in Puerto Morelos. I am so pumped to have the marine pack for my camera! Not only for the chance for some underwater pics, but also just to protect the camera while on the beach or in the pool. It's certainly going to keep sand out of the lens, total bonus. I'm really happy with the performance of the casing, easy to use all the controls of the camera, though with the plastic on the back, the display is kind of hard to see, no biggie.

One day last week Hubby and I left Max with the grandparents and we trekked out to Puerto Morelos to do a little snorkeling. (And as a bonus, I finally met the famous Rob of Alma Libre Books, great guy, definitely stop in and see them while in town). We had a little breakfast at Pelicano's and then walked around back to look for Anna and Paco, a lovely couple we met on our last visit to this sweet little town. They run a small snorkeling operation from behind the restaurant and I highly recommend seeking them out for a fun couple of hours on the reef. Great deal (250 pesos) and a fabulous guide, Paco is a knowledgeable snorkeler and a very nice man indeed. There were only two other people on our trip, a great couple from British Columbia. So nice to be with a small group particularly when they were so fun and easy to talk with. The day was ROUGH, really windy, so I knew we were in for some exercise! We hit a couple of different spots on the reef, the second one out in big open water, a rough workout but worth it. Lots of fish varieties and some gorgeous coral formations, a good time was had by all. Look for Anna and Paco behind Pelicano's or contact them at welovepuertomorelos@yahoo.com for info on their trips.

Here's some of the pics from our day under the sea. I can't wait to improve my underwater camera skills, this was a tough one as we were really getting bounced around, difficult to hold the camera still in those waves! Hope you enjoy, though I can tell you the pics can't beat the real thing.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful pics underwater!!!! Im dying for a vacation ...being that ists only 9 degrees here today!!!!!
wayne said…
Great pics. I wish I had the nerve to see it in person. I am so jealous of people who are not afraid to snorkel.
Catalyst said…
Great pictures! I am envious.
Rogelio said…
Beautiful pics. I am so jealous of you. Warm beaches, sun and snorkeling. I would love to swim with the fishes just once. You are blessed.
Heather said…
Thats cool and all, but wheres the pixs of the people under water! now that would be some cool pixs, lol!!
Those are really great photographs Kelly. Well done!
CancunCanuck said…
Erica- Ouch, that's too cold for me, come on down to the south side girl!

Wayne- Afraid of snorkeling? Is it the water? The scary fishes? Sharks? Boats? I can't imagine not having the underwater experience living where we do! Maybe a little hypnotism is in order and we'll get you out of the reef.

Catalyst- Thanks! Don't be envious, next time I might get a wicked case of sea lice, haha.

Rogelio- I do feel blessed. I recommend a shot of warmth and sunshine for anyone!

Heather- Heehee. I did try to get some of the people, but with the life jacket law and the rough waters, I couldn't get a decent shot as we were bouncing around so much.

Scott- Wow, that's quite a compliment coming from you, thanks so much! It was my first time out with the new equipment, I'm going to play with the settings and see if I can't improve next time out.
Rob said…
Excellent pics, and I'm glad I finally got to meet the famous Cancun Canuck (as seen on TV)
My3Ro's said…
Just wanted to let you know kelly that rogelio was me. I forgot to log out of my hubbys account. Still love the pics. Susan
Your underwater photos are terrific!1 What kind of camera/lens are you using? Any tips for us? The colors are great.
Still trying to make it to Isla for the big blogger meet. Fingers crossed!!
CancunCanuck said…
Rob- It was great to meet you too, hopefully we will see each other again, perhaps over a cold one.

Susan- I thought so, but didn't want to assume!

Michele- Thanks! I'm using a Sony W35, really not a fancy camera at all but I am VERY happy with it. No special lenses, I had it set on "auto" as it was my first time using it underwater and I didn't want to mess around with settings. Sony sells a marine pack for underwater use, though it's only good for ten feet under so I wouldn't take it for scuba. I did a small amount of clean up in photoshop, mostly just adjusting levels, I didn't touch colours at all. So, really no advice at all, lol! Best advice is to take a LOT of pics, you'll be sure to get something great out of a big batch. The hard part was trying to see the display, the casing is a bit dark, so I couldn't really see what was in the viewfinder, I just kind of pointed the camera in the right direction and crossed my fingers. That and the HUGE waves that day, I am pretty happy with how it all turned out, I can't wait to have more time to play with it in calmer waters. Hope to see you in April!

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