Carnaval Max

Carnaval seems to have been a big bust in Cancun, at least from the word on the street. The only thing I saw that was Carnaval related was the beer ads on the buses. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the city changed the dates of the event to fit in the upcoming election (which means a "dry law", who can do Carnaval without booze?) Wayne has a great report on the less than stellar events on Isla Mujeres up at his blog, check it out for far more pics than I am about to present.

Max had a Carnaval party at his school yesterday so Mami Canuck had to make him a costume. This is not my forte, but here is what I whipped up for 69 pesos and some glue (no-sew costumes are a speciality of mine, the simpler, the better!). Here he is in all his shiny glory....

I hope next year it's a bigger better deal and we'll be out in full force with camera in hand to give you the full report. Heck, maybe I will invest in a sewing machine this year and make him a real kick ass costume (no thongs or pasties unfortunately which is all I could think of when given the task of making a Carnaval costume).


Heather said…
Great job on sewing and cost!!

Viva Carnaval!!!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Soooo cute!!!
My girls are still waiting to wear something made by mami... even if it's a glue thing!
tacogirl said…
Nice costume. I am with you on the no sew part ha ha.
wayne said…
All the aggravation of buying the material just melts away when you see him in the costume. Am I right??

Speaking of thongs, one of the little kid dancers I didn't quite catch on the video when they dropped their pants had on a sparkly thong! Too funny.
Anonymous said…
I love the costume! Good job!
The dates of Carnaval relate to Easter and this year it all comes early. There wasn't much time this year between Kings Day (6th Jan) when Xmas holiday sort of ended and Carnaval celebrations. Where I live things are the same but the partiers are still having fun!
Anonymous said…
He looks so freaking adorable !!!! I want a carnaval costume too !!!!

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