Bye bye jungle....

One of the things I have always loved about where my house is is the "jungle" area across the street. Over the years we've seen it destroyed by hurricanes only to come back greener. I've seen parrots and toucans, hawks and a variety of other colourful birds living in this touch of green downtown. Heck, we've even seen monkeys swinging through the trees! And now....gone. We came home from our vacation to find they had been clearing the trees away and revealing an ugly old concrete structure (apparently part of Aguakan's reserves). I almost cried, especially seeing the birds circling overhead looking for their old home. Then I got nervous about what might be going in there, you know they are not tearing down trees to make a nice park for anyone, that would just be crazy in this concrete town.

Sadly, word on the street is that a couple of monstrosities will be filling the space. Apparently ADO (the bus company similar to Greyhound) will either be putting in a new terminal or a garage. AND, they will be building a practice facility for the new soccer team, Atlante. (Those are the rumours coming from the neighbours anyway, we have no "official" word of any kind).

Great, juuuuuuuuuuust great. The street was already busy enough, dangerously so. Now we are going to have more traffic, construction for months and my sense of safety and security will go out the window (if I had any left after last week's theft). More foot traffic means more people will be tempted to commit crimes in our neighbourhood. More foot traffic means more trash on the streets. More car traffic means more accidents and road kill. Never mind the increase in NOISE pollution, it's going to go through the roof. The whole thing just makes me sad sad sad.

Here's a shot from my window in December.......

And a shot taken five minutes ago....

So much for having any kind of green space in Cancun, our little teeny piece of it is going away. Now I wonder if the proposed projects will ever become a reality or if they are just going to destroy the green and lose track of where they were. You never know, with the change in the leadership of the government, they may trash the whole idea and just leave us with big ugly strip of bare earth. Sigh.....


At least if they don't do anything to it, it should grow back fairly quickly....and if they do build a soccer field, maybe it would be someplace that the community could use?

Just trying to look for the positive side...
Mexico Way said…
You sure its not the yearly bush hack off???

I have driven by there a couple times in the last week and noticed how ugs it looked but figured they just over-trimmed like always.
Manolo said…
Reading Scott's comment made me start singing "always look at the bright side" from the Life of Brian. I believe you have featured it on a previous post... :-D
Theresa said…
Oh, that is too sad. If this was NOB someone would have started a petition to stop them because destroying the toucan's habitat. I hope the neighbors are all wrong and it's a park.
Heather said…
Never a fan of concrete jungles, but a new soccer facility??? Hmmmm that will mean green soccer fields and hot sweaty in shape men, lol!
CancunCanuck said…
Scott- Love the positive attitude, wish I had that much faith in those in charge. There is little to no community spaces, would be quite a surprise if they started now! It's frustrating that they just built the new stadium, it sits empty unless there is a game and yet they feel they need another new facility. Go figure.

Liz- Nope, it's far more than the usual clean up, they've dug up the stumps and everything. Trees be gone gone gone.

Manolo- Gotta love the Python, just works in so many situations. ;-)

Theresa- There isn't a whole lot of love for the environment here, especially such a small area. Hard enough to get anyone to listen about pollution in the lagoon which is a far bigger problem. It's been a long time since we saw the toucans sadly though it was only a couple of months ago we saw the big flock of parrots.

Heather- Hmmm, hot sweaty athletic men? Maybe my mind can be changed. :P
That is horrible! I love to watch monkeys and parrots when I visit my in laws in Honduras. Hopefully, it will get better.

Nice to meet you.

Thank you for sharing.
mexpat said…
I have my fingers crossed it's not a bus station. We used to have a bus that idled outside our apartment in Jersey and it was impossible to think with that thing going.

They do the same crap, by the way, in Jersey. My in-laws just had some people build a 6 story building right up against their property line, blocking any sun they used to get into their house. :(

I also second (or third) the hope for hot, sweaty, in-shape men running around... I mean, a soccer field!
CancunCanuck said…
Wife of a Honduran Man- Welcome to the blog, thanks for commenting! I would love to visit Honduras, it's on my "must do" list of places to visit. (If Honduran men are anything like Mexican men, you must be a very patient woman, haha!). :)

Mexpat- Sorry to hear about the sun blocking building in Jersey, that just stinks! I will let you know if we get any hot sweaty men, heck I'll blog about it all day and post yummy pics too! :)

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