Weltschmertz/World Weary

I decided to take a computer break for a day, I just needed to get away from the news. Yesterday I read about a cat being cooked in a microwave by evil teenagers, puppies being thrown down the hole of an outhouse and a father throwing his kids off a bridge. Sometimes you just need a break from the world, eh? And since the world comes to me via the internet, I took a break from that too. (Except for this five minutes to tell y'all why I am not online).

I think I had better go to the beach tomorrow, refresh and recharge with the ocean goddess. Nothing better than some sun and salt water to cleanse yourself of the nastiness of the greater world.

What the hell is wrong with people????


wayne said…
Why are you reading this junk??? Just don't click on it.
Manolo said…
Yeah! Where are you getting your news from Primer Impacto punto com? (I dunno if that even exists).
Jennifer said…
Ugh - thats why I try not to watch the news, and try not to click on those links. Way to many horrible stories and people out there.
CancunCanuck said…
Wayne and Manolo- These were headlines in the Canadian national news (the kitty story was everywhere for a few days, headlines, op-ed, the news went crazy over those bastards). I am taking a break from news sites for a while, must avoid that kind of crap.

Jennifer- I don't watch TV news here, so it's all internet. Hard to avoid some stories, they create huge headlines and focus on the nasty. Thus, as said, no more CNN, CBC, Canoe, BBC, nada para mi for a while. I like to know what is going on in the world (outside of beaches and two year olds), but I will forgive myself for not knowing the current state of Pakistan for a while.
Heather said…
I made this comment last night, don't know why it didn't show up!

The father throwing his 4 kids off the bridge thing really threw me into a funk yesterday, too.

I think I read the bitter and sour because then I appreciate the sweet that much more. Life is bitter, and life is sweet.

I hope that yours is mostly sweet.
Manolo said…
I will have to "defend" CBC because even though news are usually about "bad" events they wouldn't focus on some stupid little aberration over and over. But I am biased towards CBC...
Ah, I guess an equivalent for Americans would be NPR, but either of us is American ;-)
CancunCanuck said…
Manolo- CBC ran seven different stories about the cat in the microwave this week....my beloved CBC! ;-)
CarmenDeBizet said…
I don't know what CBC is (sorry), but I know what NPR is. My beloved husband listens to NPR whenever he's in the car and when I'm with him, I can't help but develop an Atlas syndrome. I do watch the news daily, but sometimes I want to watch something else...like say Jimmy Neutron. Hahahaha. I guess Manolo is saying "American" as in from the U.S. Hehehehe. I don't think Americo Vespucio saw Manhattan from the ship man.

P.S. I am still learning about Blogspot (I come from the world of Xanga). I was successful at leaving a comment that other time! I just didn't know it...silly me. It was in the post where there is a lot of pictures, one of which has Hooter girls. Okay. I'll stop, that last sentence tells me to stop. Now.

Feliz domingo!

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