Random Cancun Pics

I took over 1000 photos in the month of December, obviously most of them did not end up here on the blog. I guess I went a bit camera crazy, Hubby is complaining about the huge pic files eating up memory. Here's some random shots in various places in Cancun, December 2007 that didn't make the cut to a first round post. (You know you can click on the pics to enlarge them, right?)

The lighthouse at El Gran Puerto
Ferry Dock for Isla Mujeres

Max on Isla Mujeres

Sunset over the parking lot at Paseo Cancun

Surfers at Playa Marlin

Pwetty fwowers

Can you guess what this is?

Lola the flying wonder dog

The kid is a pro at the finer things in life

Keep running boys


wayne said…
Love the joggers! I'm gonna guess that that mess is electric wires.
JJ said…
Love the sunset pic at Paseo Cancun. I'm stealing it for Messenger. Can I? I guess if I ask it isn't really stealing, unless you say no. Um. It's a coffee Saturday morning...
Manolo said…
Those pwetty fwowers look like bougainvilleas which are some of the beautiful things I miss about my Guatemala (the land of eternal Spring). Very pwetty indeed.
Why don't you get an external hard-drive for the pictures if your computer is running out of memory.
Adrians Mama said…
OMG KElly!!! I LOVE the pics soooo beautiful!!!!!!!!
CancunCanuck said…
Wayne- The joggers made me giggle too. The "guess" picture is actually dead ivy outside our window.

JJ- It's all yours, thanks for asking though. More coffee? Dunkin' Donuts? :)

Manolo- Yes, it's bougainvillea, it's everywhere in our neighbourhood. Too bad our gardener seems intent on killing ours (and everything else in our yard, he's a mad man with a machete!)

Meaghan- Glad you like, thanks!
Anonymous said…
Kelly you take awesome pics....did you ever consider photography as a career???? Love those hot boys at the end too ...LOL...j/k
CancunCanuck said…
Erica, never considered it as a career, it's a pretty new hobby for me. Your kind words mean a lot to me, thanks so much! (I'll try to get more "sexy" shots next time, lol!)
Anonymous said…
Thanks Kel I could use the extra "sexy eye candy" LOL
BB Mama said…
great pics. you got an eye for it mama...and when i come visit you, i want the one on the left (the boys running)
CancunCanuck said…
Mommyknows- Thanks muchly, I enjoyed looking at your pics too! Welcome aboard, nice to "meet" you. :)

BB- Thanks chica! I do love taking pics, trying to get better as I go. When is that visit happening? Get your buns down here!

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