Poll results- How you spent the New Year

Well, your predictions on how your New Year would be spent, who knows how it really turned out. Hopefully it was all good.

In answer to the question "How will you bring in the New Year?", you responded:

Alone with my friend Jose Cuervo 3 (10%)
At home with my precious family 11 (37%)
At an all night rave 1 (3%)
At a house party 10 (34%)
Serving food at a soup kitchen 0 (0%)
El manera puro Mexicano con 12 uvas y chones rojos 5 (17%)
Working 0 (0%)
Other 3 (10%)

Welcome to 2008 everyone!


Manolo said…
Well... I predicted "other" and that is exactly what I got :-) Dinner and drinks at a cozy non-crowded restaurant with some friends... a walk under the snow from Bathurst & Bloor (restaurant's location)to City Hall just in time for the countdown and fireworks and long way back home on the crowded TTC *free* subway system (pictures on future post). New Year's Day with afternoon brunch at a friend's house, which was quite nice.
Hope you had a good time yourself. Looking forward to the Friday announcement... you guys...
Jennifer said…
I dont even remember what it was that I predicted. It was either with Jose, or at home with my family. I didnt have enough money for Jose, and I was online with my inlaws. my family here was all asleep, LOL.
CancunCanuck said…
Manolo, sounds like a great Toronto New Year, can't wait for the full report and pics.

Jennifer, sending you some virtual luv mami, hope things are looking up for you!

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