Max in the Driver's Seat

Of our new (used) car! Finally, after a month of nonsense, glitches, screw ups, bad service, no service and headaches, we have a car in our driveway. We ended up saying eff it all and went to the tianguis (car market) on Sunday and found ourselves a 2002 Tracker in great condition with only 46 000 kms on it. Max gave it his stamp of approval with a "My car! Mi coche!". Not all the cars that we looked at passed his inspection though, when asked if he liked a couple of models he responded "Eso no, esta es feo". ("This one no, this one is ugly/bad".) Hubby brought our new baby home last night, we went for a little spin around the hood then set to work trying to decipher the car seat instructions. We then stopped looking at the instructions and just put the seat in the car, much easier to do it than read out it, all those little arrows and drawings made it seem so much harder than it actually was.

So, we have wheels. Safe wheels for Max in his new SuperSpecialMaxSeat3000 (we had to make it sound cool to him). I know, we're not following Mexican custom by putting him a car seat, but sometimes you just gotta buck the trend. Now we can go to the beach whenever we want, yeehaw! Welcome to the family Little Tracker, we love you already.


My3Ro's said…
Congrats its cute and fits you guys perfect! Have fun with your newfound freedom...i may need to steal that name of the mind?
CarmenDeBizet said…
Congratulations on the car!!! I think the term used here instead of used is "pre-owned." I don't do Kms. man, I always get that wrinkle on my forehead when we go places in Guatemala because everything is in Kms. You would think I would get the concept by now, but no. My sister and I have opted to ask how long we'll be on the road as in time wise.
I like the SuperSpecialMaxSeat3000 reference to a safety seat. I don't know why, but I thought about Harry Potter when he gets his first broom (yeah, I do random references).
As far as safety issues, I almost cried out in disbelief when I saw a couple and their newborn baby on a motorcycle in Guate. No helmets in sight to top it all off. I was told "agringada," which I believe means that I have been "Americanized." Well. Yeah. Newsflash. I grew up in the U.S. Safety issues aside, nice looking reminds me of the RAV 4 my sister and I drove around in college.
(I've been out so I need to catch up with your posts).
Catalyst said…
Agreed. A nice looking car, indeed.
Brice said…
Oooh, nice! Such a grownup...
Heather said…
YEAH!!!! so happy for you all. Girl are a sexy car momma now, lol! I can just see you cruizin the beach with maxito in tow, now!!! So happy for you. And congrats on Max's seat.
Manolo said…
Congrats for the car! Cool ride CC! And very low KM... I was so impressed by how high KM "previously owned" car have here in Canada. The car might be a couple of years old, but already has a few hundred thousand Kms under its belt. I think is the highways, though and a market saturated with old rental cars. Are there long distances to drive to in Mérida? Or would you be just cruisin' by the beach?
Anonymous said…
Congrats Kelly, so glad you went for a used car over new.

Wanna race?
Anonymous said…
oops that was me, Steve :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats hunny Im super happy for you!!! I know you needed a car for awhile! you deserve it....and Max looks so cute in it he can drive and come pick up Sofia for a date! ...LOL
As I told you already Im truly happy for this!! You both deserve it, and both have work hard for it!!! :)

Now, I need a picture with you on the wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CancunCanuck said…
Susan- Thanks! And yes, the car seat name is up for sharesies. ;-)

Carmen- I grew up on the border of the US and Canada, so always had miles and kms in my life. BUT, since I moved "inland" of Canada and now down here, I don't understand miles or the imperial system at all (except for personal weight and height, it's still weird to hear how many kilos I am or how many cms tall, I am stuck in lbs and inches for that). And if being too "Americanized" means you are safe, then I guess that's not so bad.

Catalyst- Thanks so much kind sir, I enjoyed checking out your blog (I am a long distance Bush hater myself), thanks for your comment!

Brice- Who's the grownup? Me or Max? Sometimes it's hard to tell around here. :)

Heather- Thanks mami! We are going to be doing some serious beach cruising, yahoo!

Manolo- Canadians do a LOT of highway driving and commuting, especially around Toronto. They live in the burbs and work downtown so the kms add up quick. Most of what we looked at here was the same, lots of old rental cars or cars that go back and forth to the hotel zone everyday. Merida is a little more than 300 kms from Cancun, hopefully it will be one of our first road trips. Other than that, it's mostly in town short distances for me (about six minutes to the office, not bad at all).

Steve- Heck yes let's race! To the beach........vroooooom. Now, how do you keep AnonJunior from screaming in her car seat????

Erica- Thanks mami, I am totally thrilled (and relieved that the nonsense is over with!)

Anelys- Thanks amiga, we'll see if Hubby won't take the camera for a change and get a good shot of me with my new "baby". I was thinking one of those sexy shots with me in a bikini draped across the hood, what do you think?
Anonymous said…
Hey!!! COngrats on the new wheels!! It's very pretty. ;) Now we won't have to take the taxis everywhere when we come visit you!! LOL!

Brenda said…
Congratulations on your new wheels, enjoy.
Anonymous said…
I just got the plates and registration....PITA...pinche gobierno.

BTY...this is the perfect moment to thank Max for crying...We got out in two hours...woohhhoooo

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