The Loss of a Lovely Lady

I know many of you may already know, but I am going to share some sad news with you. I recently discovered the blog "My Life in Chacala", written by a wonderful woman named Andee. Sadly, Andee passed away on Sunday in Chacala, Mexico. Her son is traveling to Mexico and has asked me to help him in administering a Google group in her memory. I know it would be a comfort to him to read all of your thoughts and wishes there, if you have not received an invitation and would like one, please send me your email address or put it in a comment.

Andee was a great contributor to the Mexican blogosphere, with her real life tales and beautiful photos, she will be missed. My condolences to all her family and friends.


My3Ro's said…
I am so sorry to hear that. May she lay peacefully. Send her my thoughts and prayers
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear this sad news.

Just an FYI, which you probably already know about, but someone posted your email on Thorn Tree forum to invite people to the Google group.

You must be getting inundated with mail.

Someone suggested that the link to this post on Thorn Tree be sent to her son.

There are some beautiful posts with memories of Andee from those who met her.
Manolo said…
Mi más sentido pésame... al parecer era una gran persona que tocó los corazones de muchas personas, aun recientemente. A hug my friend.
I just read about this in Jennifer's blogs... Im really sorry about this.

Anonymous said…
OH man very sorry to hear about her...Im sure she was a great condolences to her family!
Fned said…
I am sorry to hear about this. I went to her blog a few times and I could tell she really loved living in Mexico.

I hope she lived a happy life in our country and my she rest in peace.

Heather said…
Oh, how sad! I read her blog often and wish now I had posted to tell her how I enjoyed it.
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to send my condolences over. Sounds like she was a lovely woman. --Kim

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