Aluxes' House

A while ago I posted the story of the local "leprechauns", the Aluxes. I love these tales and have been desperate to get a picture of the house built under the overpass (under the over?) near the airport. Since we finally have a car and we finally went for a drive, I also finally have a pic of the elusive house of the Aluxes! (If you read the original post, it's got the whole story). It's not a first class piece of photography as we were zooming down the highway, but here you go.....


matnic17 said…
We just returned to the United States from a vacation in Puerto Aventuras. We heard the story of the Alux at our hotel and saw this house on our way back to the Cancun airport yesterday. I wish I had my camera ready to get a picture.
The idea of moving to paradise is intriguing. It's neat to come across some one like you who has actually done it.

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