My Magic Fingers

No no, not the magic fingers as in "pay a quarter for the bed to shake", more like the magic fingers I have that seem to put the local kids into shock and awe. I was taking a break at work on Saturday and headed to the computer lab. I started typing in my usual manner (yes, touch typing) and two little kids came up to me and told me to stop playing and to really type. I said "I am really typing". They said "Nooooooo you're not, you're just hitting keys really fast." I said "Ok, tell me what to type, I will close my eyes and you can check to see if I got it all." They didn't believe me but I closed my eyes and got my fingers on "home row" and said "Ok, do it". They started talking to me and I just started typing whatever they were saying. They were laughing their little bums off because they thought I was playing and they were blown away when I showed them that I had indeed typed everything they said. They called their friends over and I put on a little typing show for these kids who have only ever seen people hunt n peck in the cyber cafes, they had no idea that it was possible to type so fast. I told them they could do it too but they said they were too little and that they don't have magic fingers.

So, blessings upon that little short bald miserable teacher of grade nine typing class, Mr. Gee, you are a gem, not only can I type a blog in a minute flat, but I can entertain children for hours with my magic. Who knew that you screaming "F F F space, J J J space, sit UP, feet FLAT, back STRAIGHT, F space, J space, F space, J space" would be the most useful tool I gained in my high school education.

So, check out my latest poll, touch typer or hunt n peck! I'm still amazed that Hubby spends his LIFE on the computer and is a hunt n pecker! If you have some other funky method I should learn about, drop me a comment! Oh, and test your WPM here. I am down in my speed from my temp days, my last "official" test was 98 WPM, the online tests now are giving me about 80. Must be getting old.


Jonna said…
62 wpm!! I'm pretty happy with that. If I'd picked a longer test than one minute though I think my fingers would have started spinning around though.

I've always been amused because back when I was in high school, girls all had to take typing and the boys took something like woodworking. When computers happened, all those guys who couldn't type were wishing that they hadn't wasted their time making wooden boxes.

Less funny though, I remember when I always lied that I couldn't type because no matter what you were hired for, if you were a woman and you could type you were expected to type the men's letters. Admitting to typing meant you would forever be expected to do it.
Anonymous said…
LOL Kelly you are freaking funny !!!
Anonymous said…
Oh man I am crap ...I got 53 wpm on that test!
Jennifer said…
I took keyboardnig in high school, and I sucked at it. I knew where the letters and everything were, but I couldn't not look at the keyboard. Somewhere along the way, that changed and I now can type without checking out the keyboard.

I have never been tested, but the online test I just took put me at 77WPM. I think it would be a bit better, but I got nervous, LOL. When I think to hard about doing something I totally screw it up. The first time I took the test, I got a 42WPM if that tells you how I suck when I get nervous, LOL. The second time I got a 67WPM, then the last time was a 77WPM.
Fned said…
Great post, I can just see those kids staring open-mouthed at your lightning digits! ;)

I choose to take Secretarial workshop in Jr High (guess I was unknowningly preparing myself for my future career LOL) and hated every minute of it. We used those old typewritters with no letters on the keys and carbon paper so you couldn't cheat when you made a mistake... But then computers arrived and I thanked all my lucky stars for those typing lessons...

In high school I used to earn pocket money typing out my translator mom's dictations on tape ;)

In any case, got a 67 on the test, guess that's not too bad...
Steve said…
I got 29 wpm but went for accuracy rather than speed.

Maybe I need to pick a new vocation :)
CancunCanuck said…
jonna, too true about the stereotyping and the pigeon-holing of skills! I must admit that I made more money temping than in any other job though, so I did not mind that particular pigeon hole!

erica, practice, practice, practice (haha, like a new mommy has time for that!

jennifer, nervous? You are funny, an online test that only you will see, heehee. Good job on the third attempt, haha!

fned, we had the same old typewriters, I hated it at the time but sure am grateful now!

steve, I think you are doing just fine, as long as your vocation is not secretary, you are all good. (Hard to do the test with a two year old running around too!)
Theresa said…
I used to type 70 wpm, I now type around 40 or 50 on the typing test. I can type faster if it's for myself rather than copying text, there is so disconnect between my eyes and my fingers. My dad is a ham radio operator and has a teletype when I was in high school, so he used to type all my papers for me, he is really good at it still! (In case you don't know, a teletype turns typing into morse code and sends it out over the radio), he now does packet radio which uses a computer interface and still types faster and better than me!
wayne said…
I consider myself a good typer but I only scored a 50! As soon as I hit that BEGIN button I could feel the adrenaline swelling my fingertips, making them much to big to correctly strike the keys. Or at least that's my story! (besides, laptop keyboards have funny spacing! So there.)
CancunCanuck said…
Theresa, that's so cool that your dad does teletype, what a great way to learn!

Wayne, it's got to be the laptop, right? Those funky little keys? I would give yourself 10 bonus pts for the handicap. ;-)

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