An Inside Joke- Mercado Libre Vendo Beso

I guess this is really a post for those of us living in Mexico who have been forced to watch a certain Mercado Libre commercial over and over and over and over and over, well, you get the point. This commercial has been on the air for a couple of years now. At first I thought it was cute. Then slightly annoying. Now it makes me wish there was a dagger and some poison at the end of this Romeo and Juliet story. And really, buying a kiss off the internet? Doesn't she realize she'll probably wake up with a raging case of herpes?

Here's the original commercial. Boy sells kiss on Mexican version of eBay, girl buys kiss, boy delivers kiss, the end.

And here's the parody that is really quite silly but makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. Ok, it makes me snort like a crackhead, sorry, you won't ever get these two minutes of your life back.


wayne said…
OMG! We were just complaining about this commercial last night! The paroday is great. Complete with the Mexican crotch grab! Thanks for sharing. All three laughed hysterically.
Manolo said…
I guess the parody is closer to actual reality if one were to sell a kiss online... rofl
heatherinparadise said…
OMFG, YES! I used to think the original was pretty cute, too.

The one that's starting to get on my nerves now is that one where the lovey dovey couple talk on the phone and argue over whose turn it is to hang up, until she goes to Vegas and hangs up right away. It used to make me laugh, but now...

HILARIOUS parody, I love the way he looks riding on the bus. Thanks for posting it.
We get that comercial too in DR.... And yes, cute at first, but getting in my nerves.
The other version: Too funny!! Cant wait to show it to DH who always makes his own version of the comercial and looks just like that guy! LOL
CancunCanuck said…
Glad I could make some of you giggle and that I am not the only weirdo, haha. I noticed it's in high rotation again, UGH. :)

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