Beach day in Cancun

We had a fabulous time at the beach today! The weather was just great, about 85 F, a little breeze, fluffy white clouds, perfect. We went to Playa Langosta which is a favourite for a few reasons. Number one, it's on the north side of the island of Cancun so it's calm, shallow waters. Number two, there is a convenience store and clean bathrooms with showers. Number three, it's almost always deserted! Like having our own private beach. Kind of creepy really, I felt like I was missing some big important event that everyone else in town knew about. Here's a panoramic video of our private beachy spot.

Max decided to feed Fritos (salt and lemon flavoured) to the seagulls so we got up close and personal with the birdies.

We were alone for a few hours and then had a great surprise visit from the fabulous BritFamily. Max had been asking for LittleBrit for days so I was really pleased to send him off to play with his friend while I caught up with the Lady Brits. A highlight of my day was seeing a real living starfish in the water out by the boats, it's my first sighting of one off of a beach, big news in my life after having only seen them snorkeling. I almost stepped right on the poor thing (he might have become a lovely decoration at that point, eh Wayne?) I'm feeling all sunny, inside and out, refreshed and cleansed, so much so that I can say "Ni modo" about the whole aguinaldo thing.


JJ said…
I love Playa Langosta. When I first moved there, my daily routine was to go have coffee and watch Gilmore Girls on Warner Channel with my gringa neighbor, then take the bus to Playa Langosta and "maintenance tan" for two hours, then go home. Nearly every day. God I miss that part.
Anonymous said…
SOOOO beautiful !!!
Jennifer said…
You know I love your beach pictures. They make me wish I was there. And for some reason this year, I am no longer a cold weather loving person. I am miserable here in the cold, and to be honest it isn't even THAT cold. Its around 45 degrees right now, but I am sitting here wrapped up in sweats, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a blanket. So I am feeling mighty jealous right now.
Gonzo said…
HEY was that my beer up against that Palm tree from last March? lol
That is my wife and my favorite beach too (nice and quite). And you know what I found a starfish up by the dock too last year. First one I have ever seen. There was a Mexican family there and they were thrilled to see the gringo pull the starfish out of the water.

It wont be long now......
wayne said…
jejejeje! A lovely decoration for your house maybe, not mine! What a great beach. Why would you even consider coming over here to our eroded ones?! (but I hope you do! I'm going to bring the boogie board for Max to play with)
CancunCanuck said…
jj- I understand why you would miss it, it's why I can't leave here. :)

Thanks Erica!

Jennifer- It's only a few more months of winter Jennifer, is this going to be your last one before moving? I'm pretty sure it's a bit warmer in Honduras. ;-)

Gonzo- It's a nice little secret there during the week though it gets busier on weekends. There is a little tienda where you can buy snacks and drinks and sandwiches too, no need to pay The Cove's fancy prices.

wayne- There is just a different feeling on Isla, we can chill out and relax. Though the last time it was too rocky to enjoy the water, big rocks, some of them hidden under the sand. Many stubbed toes and owies. The beaches always change, it won't keep us away, it's not the only reason to go to Isla. I think tomorrow we are going to roll the dice and go "somewhere", Isla, Puerto Morelos, or Playa. Will keep you posted.
BDC finder said…
Nice video ;). You are lucky to live in Cancun since there are a lot ofbeaches in Cancun Mexico to choose from. Maybe I get lucky someday and have the chance to live life there. Wish me luck ;)

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