Vamos a la Playa

Since I am planning to go to the beach today, I figured I would leave you with my beach theme song. Presenting to you a very cheesy video from the Righeira, the 80's pop group from Italy, singing in Spanish, with a song produced in Germany. I play this every beach day to get my guys up out of bed screaming "Bajale! Turn it down! Ya voy! I'm coming!". And then I keep playing it until we actually get out the door to the beach. So "Vamos a la Playa, oooh ooh ooooooooh ooooh". (You've got to dance with them, it's the rule, they are uber-bien and you are too, now DANCE).

And JJ, if that doesn't get the bells out of your head, I don't know what will!


JJ said…
Oh my hell! I chair-danced, does that count? That one guy pretty much white-girl-stepped his way right out of his sportcoat, didn't he? You can see him sort of fading at the end. Phenomenal way to start my day!

For the morning, the bells are OUT OF MY HEAD. Unfortunately I am going to see Manheim Steamroller tonight at the Rose Garden. I might simply go mad.

But for now, VAMOS A LA PLAYA! (or, you know, work).
MommaBean said…
That is SO not fair. It was REALLY cold here today and now I'm wishing I was in Cancun with you. Hope you have fun at the beach.
Brice said…
Damn. I see snow out of my window. Vamos a la Playa indeed!

Tres semanas hasta voy a cuba, y mucho sol, sexo y arena!!!
CancunCanuck said…
jj- Chair dancing totally counts and gets you bonus points if you did it at work. How was your concert?

MommaBean- Sorry to hear you are chilly, I'll send you some virtual sunshine from Cancun!

Brice- You are SO close to your trip to sun and fun, keep slogging through the slush and in no time you'll be drinking mojitos on the beach!
Jennifer said…
ok I so want to go to the beach, and if you played that song here in the AM, I too would be up and out the door within 30 seconds of hearing that song, LOL. And what the hell is on his wrist? LMAO.
JJ said…
Um, okay. 3 weeks of at least one post a day and now nothing since Friday? Remember, you set the precedent. Don't want to get all over you or anything, but SOME of us enjoy waking up to you...

CancunCanuck said…
Jennifer, come on down, the water is fine!

jj, you flatter this old Canuck, aren't ya sweet? Posts are coming, I promise, just sorting through the 200 or so pics I took of our beachy weekend!

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