There's an iguana on my back!

Max and I have a big thing for iguanas. Sometimes I think he more than I but it's a close competition. He wakes up in the morning pointing out the window and saying "Take pictures iguanas mommy?". We leave his school and he says "Walk this way, iguanas there". Driving in the taxi he is constantly pointing out "iguanas" (though for the life of me I can't see them in the midday traffic). All day long "Where's iguana mommy?", followed by pulling up my shirt and finding the iguana tattoo on my back. Yesterday he cracked me up. I asked him for a change "Where's the iguana Max?" and he calmly turned around, lifted up his shirt and said "On my back mommy." Ok, makes sense to me. Mommy has an iguana tattoo on her back, I MUST have an iguana tattoo on my back. Love the logic of the two year old.

And for your viewing pleasure......iguanas! (I know, you are so shocked, you were expecting pictures of pirates perhaps?) This is a small selection of my favourite iguana pics over the years here.

I think my next tattoo has to be a monkey. (Get it? A monkey on my back? Ok, ok, too many years listening to bad amateur comics, I won't a give up my day job).


JJ said…
The next time your family stays at the Royal Resorts, take the shuttle to VCI and go look at their iguana garden (back by the tennis courts) (and if you haven't already). I used to have a unit there on the first floor, and there were TONS of them. Big, small, anything you want. Max might go crazy!
wayne said…
When next on Isla, be sure to go out to the south point. Tons of iguanas there. Just stay away from the edge.

My tattoo artist in Minnesota had JAPO tattooed on each knee. Get it?
Jonna said…
That big one with his mouth open is pretty cool. I looked up the Yucatan spiny tailed iguana and it said they were not good pets because they were aggressive and always mad! Cracked me up. A mad iguana. Since they feature in tacos a lot, I guess they are mad.
Fned said…
I'm scared of iguanas.

I'm scared of any kind of reptiles/instects/spiders (ESPECIALLY spiders)...

Even grasshopers give me the creeps...

Sorry Max.
Sandye in Kansas said…
Kelly, you don't know me, but I found your blog through Jonna (who I "know" through an American pond forum). Then I read ALL of Heather's blog, then Wayne's, and now yours. I'm having a ball reading all of these "books" on life in Mexico! :)

I LOVE your blog, and your darling baby boy reminds me soooo much of MDDB (my darling baby grandson) when he was that age.

I also love that you translate some of the Spanish words and phrases you use in your blog.

MDBB and his little Sis now have two Bearded Dragons for pets. They aren't exactly iguanas, but they are a big lizard that is very gentle and loves to be held and petted.

Check them out...Max would be sooooo thrilled if he could have one of his own, and they're really not too difficult to take care of.
CancunCanuck said…
Hi Sandye!
Thanks so much for reading the whole thing, wow, lol! And such kind words, you made my day. Hmmm, bearded dragons huh? Maybe one day, if he's really, really good and Mommy is feeling brave, lol!

I think it's so lovely that you are reading all the blogs at once, it must be an interesting way to do it. So, did you go backwards or forwards, from the end to the beginning or the other way around? LOL

Nice to "meet" you and any friend of Jonna's is a friend of mine.
Anonymous said…
Fuck u stuffy bitch.speaking as an american thats been here 11 years nobody cares what the fuck u think or bout your ugly little kick rocks chicken-head pinche gringo de coral negro
CancunCanuck said…
Anon- Why thanks for your insightful and intelligent comment. You are welcome to not read the blog, there are certainly people that would disagree with you. "Stuffy" is not a word that I've ever heard used to describe me, can you explain to me exactly what makes me stuffy? And attacking a three year old boy? That's just lovely, very mature. I'm not sure what it means to "kick rocks chicken head", but yes, I agree, you do sound like a pinche gringo. If you don't care, why did you go out of your way to leave a comment? Just close the browser and move on if it's not your thing. I'm not entirely sure how a post on iguanas offended you, you must be overly sensitive. Though insensitive (and boorish and rude and immature) is probably a more accurate description.

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