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Just wanted to let everyone know that the fabulous Gabatcha Yucateca has finally started blogging! She is one of the best friends I have ever had, mostly because she is so incredibly intelligent, wise, funny, a little bit caustic, irreverent, witty and truly one of the most open minded, generous women I know. She knows more about this area of Mexico than I will ever know and her Spanish is impeccable. She is now married to her Mayan boy and living back in the states and writing about her exploits in anthropology, the US, Mexico, life in non-profits, teaching, and I am sure some things I wouldn't even think of. She is just getting started on her blog, get in on the ground floor folks, I know she won't disappoint. (No pressure Melly!)

Find her here at Orale, Pues!


Melissa said…
Thanks for the kind words...yes, that is a lot to live up to!

I'd gush and blush a little more, but I'm REALLY full from Turkey Day.
Melissa said…
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