Pinche Max

I love the word "pinche", it's a fabulous catchall swear word in Spanish. It seems everyone says it, it's not nearly as taboo as the "F" word in English though I have had some taxi drivers tell me it's not very lady like. The phrase "pinche Max" is used often in this house, whether he's being a brat, being funny or being cute, if he affects us in some way, hubby and I look at each other and mouth "pinche Max".

Today he is "Pinche Max" because he will NOT tolerate me sitting down to the computer at all! The moment I try to get on and post a blog, he starts with the "MAMITA!"'s and physically pulls me away (I need an office chair with no wheels I guess). I try to wash the dishes and it's "MAMITA! Mira, look, mess!" and I turn to find his juice all over the floor mixed with his cookies. I was trying to make soup and I hear "MAMITA! Look!" and see him naked standing on top of the dining room table. I try to take two seconds to go to el baño and he's banging on the door "MAMITA! ***insert sound of hissing cat**** Changa tail!" then the sound of crying as Changa the cat takes a whack at him. I am stealing five minutes while he eats aforementioned soup but even still I am hearing "Mamita! More soup please. Mamita! Messy soup". Well, as I type he has finished his soup "Ya mami, done". He has now let the dumb dog in the house and he and Pinche Lola are doing their best to destroy things while I am actively ignoring them in order to get this post done. He is now pulling me saying "Let's go! Homework! Mami, mami, mami, mama, mami, mama, MAMITA". Guess I better run for now.

Pinche Max.

EDITED TO ADD: As soon as I posted this, I turn around and Max is running to me with something in his hand screaming "MAMITA, iguana!". The something in his hand was half a dead lizard the cat left for our dining pleasure. PINCHE MAX AND PINCHE CAT!


Mami mami mami!!! That's all that Mia says in 24 hours of the day!!! Mami mami mami!! Im about to jump out of the window!! (btw, when Im in the computer she actually pulls my hands away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)....
Anonymous said…
LOL PINCHE MAX!!! That adorable face and glasses makes up for everything!!!
BB said…
LMAO! this too is one of my favorite words in the entire universe...
CancunCanuck said…
Momto3, I cannot imagine having three little faces saying "mami, mami, mami" all day, one is plenty! :)

Erica, that face gets him out of a LOT of trouble, he's lucky he's cute.

BB, it is SUCH great word, I can't get enough of it. That and "guacala". :)

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