Kitty is home, now the lion taming begins

So, kitty came home last night. With ORAL medication! Uh huh, after her attack the last thing I want is to stick my hand in her mouth. But, you gotta do whatchoo gotta do. So, we wrapped her in a towel and threw a pillow over her, I knelt on the pillow and lion taming husband cranked her mouth open while I shoved the syringe in as fast as I could. Immediately she started foaming at the mouth! I mean seriously foaming, as if someone had put too much detergent in the washing machine. (Anyone remember the episode of "The Brady Bunch" where Bobby gets trapped in the suds?). We freak out and call the vet who laughs and says it is a normal reaction. Oh sure, you couldn't have warned us about that one?? She foamed for about ten minutes and then went to sleep while I got out the mop.

The fingers are hurting bad, it is really hard to type! My doctor/student checked me out this morning and suggested I pop one area that looked like a blister full of pus so I just did that, yum. It did relieve some of the pain though. And the tetanus? Still considering.....


JJ said…
"Mrs. Brady, the suds are calling you!"

Such a trooper, typing while in pain. That is true dedication to the art.

Get the shot, sister.
Melissa said…
I like the poll idea...why don't you do a poll for who thinks you should get the shot?? ;)
Anonymous said…
CancunCanuck said…
Yikes, peer pressure from my comment boxes, lol!

Ok ok, tomorrow is hubby's pay day, I will investigate where I can get the stupid shot. :)

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