Danger! Christmas Ahead

So the season has begun. The season for excruciating shopping trips with a two year old that is. We went to Walmart this morning and both my boys (hubby is such a kid about Xmas) were delighted to see the Christmas trees out for sale and the yearly extension of the store for "Juguetilandia", the giant toy section filled with thrills and chills for the kid set. Last year Max was too small for the "gimme, gimme" part of Christmas but apparently this year he has embraced the concept.

"Dame, es mio!!!" "Give me, it's mine!"

"Quiero un coche!" "Want car!"

"Mis dulces, chocolate!" "My candies, chocolate!"


Needless to say it was a less than enjoyable shopping trip. I did buy some decorations and lights for the tree we will purchase (next month, November is too darned early as far as I am concerned!) but we managed to escape without buying any toys.

Next time I'm bringing a blindfold. Or Valium. Feliz Freaking Navidad.


Anonymous said…
LOL Kelly you are sooooo funny ...Im so glad Sofia is too little still for this ...I just have to worry about her crying ....but then i give her a bottle and back to sleep ....Im sure before i know it she will be screaming MIO MIO MIO ...LOL
My3Ro's said…
You crack me up....feliz freaking navidad! I am going to use that for my christmas card...hope all is better and I dread the trip to target today!
cul-ture-queen said…
Hey, this entry is cute! Nice blog, check mine out! Oh, and how do you post the pictures?
CancunCanuck said…
ERica, you won't believe how fast the time will go, enjoy her newborn moments!

My3Ro's, glad I could give you a giggle! Good luck with your shopping!

cul-ture-queen, welcome aboard, glad to have you here! I checked out your blog, thanks for sharing, more please! If you are using blogger, you can click on the little picture of a picture (I know, not very clear) and it will prompt you through putting up pics. Good luck!

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